People left baffled by mysterious 'invisible' Christmas tree trend

18 December 2020, 16:29

People can't make their minds up on this unusual Christmas tree trend
People can't make their minds up on this unusual Christmas tree trend. Picture: Reddit/Browndog888
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

The Internet can't seem to make its mind up about this unusual new Christmas tree trend.

In the past few years, people have become more and more experimental with their Christmas trees around the festive season.

While some people are trying out upside down Christmas trees, others are using 'half' Christmas trees to save space in the home.

But this new trend is one we've never seen before – the invisible Christmas tree.

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The tree has been replaced with hanging baubles
The tree has been replaced with hanging baubles. Picture: Reddit/Browndog888

The trend sees people ditch the tree all together, and simply hang baubles from the ceiling in the shape of a tree, creating what looks like an 'invisible' tree.

One Reddit user, Browndog888, shared a picture of this gold and red look on the forum page, writing: "My kind of Christmas tree".

However, not everyone was a fan of the unique look, with many pet-owners pointing out that it would be chaos for them.

One person commented on the picture: "My cats would destroy that in seconds haha. Very artsy tho!"

Another wrote: "Someone closing a door too hard and causing a breeze in the house would destroy this too."

Some people were huge fans of the Christmas tree trend, with one person pointing out that an 'invisible' Christmas tree would mean no hoovering up pine needles.

Another person thought that the look was "cool", but didn't hold the same effect as a real tree has, commenting: "It’s cool but a poor substitute for the ambiance a normal tree brings."

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