Incredible cleaning hack removes hair from carpets in seconds using a £1.99 squeegee

28 February 2020, 11:41 | Updated: 22 July 2021, 13:58

Get rid of the hair on your carpet using this squeegee hack
Get rid of the hair on your carpet using this squeegee hack. Picture: Getty Images

This amazing trick can remove pesky hair from flooring in seconds.

Anyone with a house full of children and pets will understand the struggle of hair getting stuck in the carpet.

No matter how much hoovering you do, those stubborn clumps are a nightmare to pick up.

But now one woman has revealed how she manages to leave her floor sparkling clean using one simple tool - a squeegee.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, she posted a photo of her carpets, writing: “Window cleaner (squeedgy) really works to lift stubborn dog hairs from stairs! Thank you to whoever shared this tip.”

Get rid of pet hair with a squeegee
Get rid of pet hair with a squeegee. Picture: Getty Images

Another woman then added her own post praising the tip, as she added: “OH MY GOD, IT REALLY WORKS!

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“I Hoover everyday.. but I used the squeegee on my carpet and GOT ALL THIS UP! (Please don't judge) safe to say it's now my new best friend..all thanks to this group🤗 definitely recommend you get one and try it out for yourself 💪”.

One social media commented: “I’m definitely going to try this 👍”

“Great tip will try this. I once had a rubber brush that was good, don’t know where it went? But recently have just been using a damp rag around carpet edges and stairs,” wrote another.

A third added: “I recently did the same! I did it on my stairs AFTER hoovering. I was astonished. It’s good for getting right up to the skirting board & into corners x”

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You can actually pick up squeegees in most homeware and cleaning stores - with B&M selling them for just £1.99.

Mrs Hinch is also a fan of the cleaning trick, revealing to her followers last year that she used it in the corners of her carpet.

During one of her posts, the social media star told her fans to use their bathroom glass cleaners to scrape over the carpet to lift up embedded hairs and dust that gets pushed down by the vacuum cleaner.

Mrs Hinch also said the squeegee is great for getting dirt out of corners as she demonstrated how she manages to scrape up a ball of fluff.

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