Simple cleaning hack shows how to transform filthy baking trays

30 November 2020, 14:17

A man has revealed how to transform your dirty baking trays
A man has revealed how to transform your dirty baking trays. Picture: TikTok

This kitchen hack requires just a few basic household items to transform your baking trays.

With most of us cooking more than ever during lockdown, one man has revealed how he keeps his baking trays looking sparkling new.

TikTok user @hazz_jazz shared the hack on his social media account which uses baking soda and white vinegar.

And after posting the video last week, it has now racked up more than 200,000 views, with many followers labelling it ‘genius’.

Using two dirty baking trays to demonstrate, the man can be seen putting a load of baking soda on the bottom, before pouring white vinegar on top.

As it starts to fizz, he uses a Brillo pad to make sure the mix is worked into the sides of the tray and then leaves it for half an hour.

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When the 30 minutes is up, the TikTok user can be seen rinsing the trays, before getting to work with the Brillo pad again.

The clip sees him scrubbing for a while, before the brown gunk disappears and leaves a sparkling baking tray.

The caption reads: "THE TRAY IS SO CLEAN I CAN SEE MY FACE IN IT #fyp #satisfying #As #Good #As #New."

But users are totally divided by the hack, with many saying it would be easier to buy a new one.

One person wrote: “Good. but they are so cheap to buy. Too much scrubbing not for me.”

While another agreed: “Too much effort for me rather buy a new one.”

But another user hit back: “Good for ya not contributing to our throw-away society, a tray is cheap but this is still reusable."

Other comments included more tips to get rid of the grime on your baking trays, including using washing powder.

“Heat them with water and a scoop of biological washing powder,” suggested one person, while a second added: “Just put a bit of washing powder and boiling water in the trays and leave for an hour.”

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