You could get compensation for slow internet connections after new rules passed

6 September 2019, 15:30

A slow internet connection can dull your browsing experience
A slow internet connection can dull your browsing experience. Picture: Getty + PA

If you suffer from awful broadband speeds then you can get a payout... time to go shopping!

There's nothing quite like settling down with some snacks and whacking on a great series to binge on Netflix...

But then the worst thing happens, that buffering screen starts loading and that message pops up "could not connect".

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There's nothing more frustrating than an awful internet connection
There's nothing more frustrating than an awful internet connection. Picture: Getty

We've all found ourselves in that dreaded situation, but slow connection is something a lot of us have gotten used to.

But amazingly, there's actually a way you can get money back if you're suffering from awful broadband speeds and are rinsing your 4G.

This is all down to a bunch of new rules from Ofcom that came into force this April, which requires requires broadband providers to give customers an estimated broadband speed and a minimum speed before taking out a contract with them.

Companies also allow customers to pull out of contracts within 30 days of taking it out if the provider fails to meet the said speed.

In terms of compensation, providers are required to provide you with a payout if wifi connection is lost completely or if an engineer fails to show up - but there is nothing currently in place for connections that simply run slow every now and again.

Sky, BT, Vodafone and Openreach are currently keeping customers sweet by promising compensation if guaranteed broadband speeds aren't met, which is worth ringing them up for if you're having regular trouble.

It looks like it isn't just an empty promise either, as Openreach have sent over a million messages to their customers to understand whether compensation is due.

For Vodafone customers, here's how it works, you can get compensation if you're on one of two packages: Superfast 1, which offers an average download speed of 35mbps and a guaranteed minimum speed of 25mbps for £23 per month, and Superfast 2 offering an average download speed of 65mbps and a guaranteed minimum speed of 55mbps for £26 per month.

That loading screen is the bane of most people's existence
That loading screen is the bane of most people's existence. Picture: Getty

If you fall below this you can claim 15 per cent back, amazing.

For BT - there's the BT Stay Fast guarantee, where customers can get compensated if their lowest guaranteed speed doesn't match up.

However, the best network is Sky. Broadband Boost customers (which costs only an extra £5 per month) you're guaranteed a speed achieved in your home while using wifi as opposed to just your router, as the other companies do.

If the speed falls below you'll get a wifi extender or an engineer sent out, and if the problem persists you'll get the cost of the boost refunded.