What can dogs eat from a BBQ? Safe and unsafe foods for your pet

28 April 2021, 13:40

Dogs and cats can't eat a lot of BBQ foods
Dogs and cats can't eat a lot of BBQ foods. Picture: Getty Images

What can my dog eat from a BBQ? And what is unsafe? Here's what you need to know...

It’s well and truly BBQ season in the UK, with families across the country rushing out to get their hands on burgers, sausages, and everything in between.

But while we all enjoy Al fresco dining, there are actually a lot of potential hazards for your dog at a BBQ.

And although it might be tempting to give your pooch a taste of the delicious meal you’ve created, this guide reveals some of the foods you should and shouldn’t let your four-legged friend taste.

There are a long list of foods dogs shouldn't eat
There are a long list of foods dogs shouldn't eat. Picture: PA Images

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Safe BBQ foods for dogs:

According to Rover, there are plenty of foods dogs can enjoy from your summer BBQ, but there are also some treats which are best to avoid. Check out the full list below:

- Lean burgers - while too much fatty meat can be unhealthy for dogs, a small amount of a lean, plain, cooked burger patty will not harm your pooch.

- Grilled meat and fish - plain, cooked, steak, ribs and cooked salmon can be okay for your pet to enjoy, as long as there are no bones in sight.

- Grilled vegetables - veggies such as courgette and sweet potato without any dressing or oils will be fine.

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Unsafe BBQ foods for dogs:

According to Canagan, these are foods which should be avoided at all costs.

- Kebab sticks - unsurprisingly, these wooden sticks can do serious damage to your pets organs and digestive systems if they accidentally swallow any wood or metal.

- Ribs and bones - small bones can pose a choking hazard so it is important to cover any uneaten meat on the bone to stop your cheeky dog stealing the food.

- Uncooked meat - raw or undercooked meat can contain bacteria such as salmonella and listeria that are harmful to dogs, as well as people.

- Corn on the cob - these tasty treats can actually cause dogs to choke or obstruct their throat or digestive tract due to the shape and volume.

- Onions - shallots, onions, garlic and scallions contain a toxic called Allium that can harm your dog’s red blood cells if sufficiently ingested.

- Avocado - this contains a toxic compound called Persin, which can cause stomach distress for cats and dogs if consumed.

- Chocolate desserts - most pet owners are aware that chocolate is toxic for dogs and can make them very ill.

- Raisins and grapes - these are highly toxic to cats and dogs.

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