These socks with a cushioned sole are the newest must-have for a girls night out

14 August 2019, 18:58

The socks will be super handy for any night out
The socks will be super handy for any night out. Picture: Aftersocks

Aftersocks are a new invention that will save the feet of women everywhere.

Nights out in skyscraper heels are all fun and games... until you're six hours in, feet blistered and bleeding and wishing you just wore your trainers.

And while many of us classy ladies have braved the walk home barefoot, there is no need to risk getting a huge chunk of glass in your sole anymore, as *rejoice!* Aftersocks are here.

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Heels are in short, a bloomin' pain
Heels are in short, a bloomin' pain. Picture: Aftersocks

The aptly-named pack of socks are perfect for any night out where heels are involved as you can pop them in your bag and pop them on your feet just as quick when the party's over and the kebab is calling.

This is down to the glittery socks coming with a reinforced sole, which will keep your feet safe and clean.

You can't exactly pop your fave pair of converse into your clutch, so these are perfect.

The socks have a reinforced sole
The socks have a reinforced sole. Picture: Aftersocks

The indie company started out on Kickstarter, and unsurprisingly gained a huge wave of support, funding over 568 per cent of what they need already - that's more than £27,000.

The product is made from high-quality nylon and cotton with a PVC sole to make the sock stronger and to provide extra protection.And you won't have to sacrifice style, either, with the socks available in black, silver and gold and in sizes small, medium and large.

They come in packs of three and are a bloody bargain
They come in packs of three and are a bloody bargain. Picture: Aftersocks

The campaign will remain on Kickstarter for the next 12 days before the product is developed.Once on sale, the socks will be priced at £14 for a pack of three.