TK Maxx insiders say THIS is how to find the store’s best bargains

17 February 2019, 10:41 | Updated: 17 February 2019, 10:46

T.K.Maxx General View
T.K.Maxx General View. Picture: Getty

From hidden 20p items to discounts at the till, these expert secrets and hacks can help you get the most for your money

TK Maxx insiders have revealed their shopping hacks to ensure you get the cheapest bargains in store.

The high street giant is packed with designer clothing, homeware, toys and beauty products at hugely discounted prices, and now experts are sharing their secrets to ensure you get even more for your money.

Here’s how to bag the best deals.

The earlier the better

The insider explains that timing is crucial when it comes to clever shopping. Hitting the high street just as the shops are opening could be your best chance at bagging a bargain because you’ll have longer to browse and the rails are likely to be a lot more organised.

Always use a basket

How many times have you picked up far more than you can actually carry? The shopping hack here is to ALWAYS opt for a basket on wheels. Not only does that mean you’re not wasting time walking back and forth picking up clothes you couldn’t carry the first time around, but your arms are free to browse the bargain rails and any heavy bags you already have can go straight into the basket.

Leave the kids at home

Shopping with children can be challenging. If you can, leave the kids at home. It will make your bargain hunt less stressful and in turn, more successful.

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Search for TK Maxx’s 20p bargains

Yes, there are items in store for a staggeringly cheap 20p! Just look out for the yellow labels – these mark the crazily cheap clearance pieces that have already appeared with a red tag before their price slash. They aren’t popular, but they’re definitely worth searching for.

Keep it classic

TK Maxx is packed full of fun, trend-led pieces but the insider suggests shopping for classic items instead. Search for staples like good-fitting jeans, plain t-shirts, great quality coats in muted colours and timeless tailoring to make sure your clothes stand the test of time.

Go for gold

If you love designer brands, keep an eye out for items with gold labels. This marked range includes high-fashion brands from Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs to Versace.

TK Maxx shop brand logo seen in Cambridge...
TK Maxx shop brand logo seen in Cambridge... Picture: Getty

Head out of town

While you might usually hit up the high street to shop, one way to increase your chances of getting a bargain is to head out of the busy areas and visit the less popular stores. They have a wider selection of pieces, as they’re usually larger, plus parking is easier so you can shop for large home and garden pieces, too.

Try before you buy

TK Maxx is a great place to try different styles because every brand has a slightly different shape and fit. Find the brand that works for you by spending some time in the fitting room. Once you’ve found The One, stock up!

Shop home and beauty, too

While this popular store may have tons of clothing bargains, don’t forget it also sells homeware and beauty. You can find unique designer pieces for a fraction of their original price, perfect for brightening up and adding character to the house.

Don’t be fooled

The label’s ‘RRP’ price might be huge, but that’s not to say it’s necessarily true. Don’t be fooled into buying ‘bargains’ with the biggest discount just for the thrill of it. Make sure you love the item enough to spend your hard-earned cash on its final price.

Say yes to the dress

Bridal shops tend to have huge mark-ups, so if you’re getting married why not look for a wedding dress in TK Maxx?

Don’t forget the store has a huge range of gowns and prom dresses, too, so you can shop for bridesmaid dresses or even an outfit for a black tie event while you’re there.

Always ask for a discount

Know anyone who works at TK Maxx? Staff receive 10% off so if you time your shop when they’re at work, you can ask them to apply their discount at the till.

You can also sign up to the rewards programme with the Treasure card, which is available in store.