The five most valuable and rarest 50p coins revealed

18 January 2021, 12:16

These are most valuable 50p coins in the UK
These are most valuable 50p coins in the UK. Picture: Royal mint/Getty Images

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A list of the most rare and valuable 50p coins has been released.

If you’ve got any spare change rattling around in your piggy bank, it might be time to dig it out because the rarest 50p coins have been revealed.

Coin site ChangeChecker has a list of the most valuable coins to watch out for and they could be worth as much as £900.

In general, the lower the mintage the rarer the coin, and the rarity correlates with how valuable the coin is.

However, the value can also depend on the demand from collectors.

According to the Daily Mail, these are the rarest 50p coins:

1. Alternative Olympic swimming 50p - 2011

Alternative Olympic swimming 50p
Alternative Olympic swimming 50p. Picture: Royal mint

This coin was minted alongside 28 other coins ahead of the 2012 London Olympics.

Before the final version was put into circulation, an unknown number of alternative design coins were released.

Philip Mussell of Coin News magazine told the Daily Mail that it could worth between £750 and £900.

2. Blue Peter Olympic 50p - 2009

Blue Peter Olympic 50p
Blue Peter Olympic 50p. Picture: Royal mint

Another 2012 Olympics coin, this one was drawn by a child who won a Blue Peter competition.

It features someone doing the high jump and there are 19,751 of these coins in circulation.

Some have sold for as much as £230.

3. Kew Gardens 50p - 2009

Kew Gardens 50p
Kew Gardens 50p. Picture: Royal mint

The famous Kew Gardens coin was released in 2009 and just 210,000 are in circulation.

It has previously sold for up to £230 on eBay.

4. Olympic football 50p - 2011

Olympic football 50p
Olympic football 50p. Picture: Royal mint

The third Olympic themed coin on the list is the football coin which features an explanation of the offside rule.

There were over one million put into circulation so it only goes for around £14 online.

5. Olympic wrestling 50p - 2011

Olympic wrestling 50p
Olympic wrestling 50p. Picture: Royal mint

The fifth rarest coin was once again created ahead of the 2012 London Olympics, but this one is themed around wrestling and can go for around £17 online.

Other Olympic coins which are also considered among the rarest include judo, triathlon and tennis.

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