New survey reveals quarter of women eat chocolate more than once a day

21 January 2019, 13:45

Brits really are a nation of chocoholics
Brits really are a nation of chocoholics. Picture: Getty

A study by the British Heart Foundation has discovered just how hooked on the sweet stuff we really are...

More than 25 percent of women eat chocolate more than once a day, claims a new study.

Research carried out by the British Heart Foundation discovered some sweet-toothed Brits would even commit a CRIME in order to get their mitts on their favourite bar.

The findings come ahead of Dechox, which sees people pledge to quit chocolate for the whole of February to raise money for the charity.

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We Brits love our chocolate
We Brits love our chocolate. Picture: British Heart Foundation

Of the 3,635 people surveyed, 19 percent admitted that they would be willing to break the law if there was a ration or ban on chocolate.

It also found that a quarter of the women surveyed eat chocolate more than once a day.

If anything we're surprised that number isn't higher! We are certainly a nation of chocolate lovers, after all chocolate goes hand in hand with a nice cup of tea.

But would you LEAVE the country entirely if chocolate was banned?

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Could you live in a Britain without chocolate?
Could you live in a Britain without chocolate? Picture: PA

According to the research 5 percent would - which if applied to the whole country would see an exodus of 2.7 million people.

Another shocking stat was that 14 percent of those surveyed would be happy to pay over £20 for a small chocolate bar if the product was heavily rationed.

Dan Field who is Head of Dechox at the British Heart Foundation said: “It’s no surprise to learn that we’re a nation of chocolate lovers but it was startling to see the law-breaking lengths people will go to get their chocolate fix.

Dechox is the perfect challenge for chocoholics up and down the UK to put their will power to the test.

"It’s important to remember that Dechox is a bit of fun but it could be a great way to help cut your chocolate cravings and fund the British Heart Foundation’s vital research into heart and circulatory conditions, which affects around seven million people in the UK.”