Celebrations advent calendar sparks OUTRAGE after chocolate fans discover SHOCKING contents in first three doors

3 December 2018, 12:38 | Updated: 3 December 2018, 17:10

Owners of the calendar were furious after discovering what lay behind the first three doors...
Owners of the calendar were furious after discovering what lay behind the first three doors... Picture: Mars

People have been left shocked and alarmed after being greeted by a Bounty in the first door of their Celebrations advent calendars

Is it just us, or has December got off to a *very* stressful start? Temperatures are about to drop to a frankly terrifying level, we haven't even started thinking about Christmas shopping yet and, worst of all, excited chocolate-lovers across the nation opened the first door of their Celebrations advent calendar to a BOUNTY at the weekend.

And, as we all know, it's a truth universally acknowledged that Bountys are the worst chocolate to ever grace the earth.

Dismayed and disturbed choc fans took to Twitter to voice their shock at the discovery.

One wrote: "Day 1 in my advent calendar was a Bounty. Why are Celebrations trying to ruin Christmas?!".

Many have said the Bounty has 'ruined Christmas'
Many have said the Bounty has 'ruined Christmas'. Picture: Mars

And things only got worse from there.

If calendar owners were hoping to be appeased with a Malteser and a Galaxy for doors two and three they were sadly mistaken. Because the following two chocolates were Snickers and Mars, otherwise known as the second and third worst sweets to come out of a box of Celebrations.

And people are (still) furious. One person tweeted: "a bounty, snickers and mars bar. If this celebrations advent calendar doesn’t start perking it’s ideas up I swear".

Another added: "Thought my celebrations advent calendar was bad enough yesterday when I got a bounty, but no, todays was a bloody Snickers. Christmas is cancelled this year."

However, many people have taken to Twitter to hit back at people upset by the calendar's contents, with one writing: "Not being funny but if you don’t like the Bounty and Snickers chocs, why would you get a Celebrations Advent Calendar?".

Another added: "Imagine buying a Celebrations advent calendar and being upset when you get a bounty. What did you expect?"

At least it's only uphill from now, eh guys?


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