Costa Coffee slammed by customers for raising drink prices but SHRINKING cup sizes by a third

9 August 2019, 17:26

Costa Coffe has been blasted for their price inflation
Costa Coffe has been blasted for their price inflation. Picture: PA

The coffee shop chain has come under fire for the 'unfair' shrinking of their drink sizes.

Customers of Costa Coffee are not happy with the brand after they've reduced the sizes of their cups, but failing to reduce the prices accordingly.

Some of the coffee chain's cup sizes have shrunk by up to a THIRD, but all of the three new options have been hiked UP in price by 10p.

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The coffee shop has come under fire by customers
The coffee shop has come under fire by customers. Picture: PA

To put it in simple terms, someone who would've paid £2.45 for a medium sized drink previously, would now pay £2.85 but the drink is actually called a large, despite being the same size as the previous medium.

Confusing right?!

These changes follow American business giant Coca-Cola's purchase of the British coffee company in August last year.

One of their main changes is changing Costa's former size small cup, which measures in at 12 ounces, and calling it a size medium.

Fans of the Coffee shop aren't happy and feel as though they're losing out.

They've been branded "greedy" by their customers, as they take to Twitter to complain about the changes. have reached out to Costa for comment.