There's a new vegan burger that 'BLEEDS' like we put it to the test!

7 February 2019, 12:40 | Updated: 7 February 2019, 13:01

Ed's diner vegan burger
Ed's diner vegan burger. Picture: Ed's Diner IG

Ed's Diner have released a new vegan burger set to satisfy both vegans and those who swear by beef burgers.

The idea of a burger without any beef will no doubt be met with scepticism from meat lovers but a new vegan burger is inching closer to mimicking the real deal.

Ed's diner have announced they've added a new plant-based burger to their menu that's set to entice both vegans and meat-eaters.

The Mayfair based diner announced they are adding the Moving Mountain's B12 burger, also known as the 'bleeding vegan burger' to their current offering, giving those on a plant-based diet the chance to have their own take on the famed Ed's burger.

The 'bleeding' burger sent waves through the vegan community when they first came to market last year, and were quickly praised as a game changer by those who live on a plant based diet thanks to it's meaty texture and pink appearance, which gives the same sensation as real beef.

Made from plant protein, mushrooms, coconut oil and beetroot, herbs and spices, Ed's have combined the quarter pounder patty with vegan cheese, BBQ sauce, guacamole, salsa, jalapenos, lettuce and tomato.

So how do the plant based burgers compare to a real sizzling beef burger?

The Heart team put the vegan burgers to the test to see how they really compare in our very own taste test.

We rated the plant based burgers in categories such as flavour, smell, texture, appearance and moisture with a possible total average score of 25.


Moisture - 4/5

When it comes to eating a burger, the juice is one of the single most important factors and something that is extremely difficult to recreate with vegan burgers.

Our team of tasters gave moisture an average score of 4 out of 5, with many describing the texture of the patty as 'succulent'.

While the burger didn't 'bleed' as promised, it certainly didn't lack on juices and is as close as it gets.

Flavour - 4/5

The final verdict on flavour was a solid 4 out of 5, with many of the tasters crediting it's similarities in flavour to meat. Sceptics among the group claim the veggie alternative tasted 'better than expected' with some pleased with the herbs and spices. The added BBQ sauce and jalapeƱos also helped to add a much needed kick.

Smell - 3/5

While the vegan burger packs a punch when it comes flavour it didn't fool anyone when it comes to smelling like a fresh cut of BBQ beef.

Texture 4/5

When it came to texture the vegan burger was more than convincing and had a real meat-like texture. Unlike some vegan alternatives, the patty wasn't dry or spongy and pulled apart like real beef. The consistency was firm but the juices helped keep it tender.

Appearance 4/5

At first glance Ed's vegan burger is pretty impressive with it's glossy brioche bun and quarter pounder patty bursting at the seams with sauces and toppings. Upon eating it, the inside is not as pink as promised but it does have a blush pink tone which is comparable to if you had beef cooked medium well.

Total score: 19/25

While the Ed's vegan burger might not fool die-hard burger fans, in terms of taste and texture this is by far the most convincing yet!

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