This half hot, half cold duvet will put all couples' sleeping arguments to bed

1 October 2019, 16:54

The duvet is fully customisable
The duvet is fully customisable. Picture: Nanu + Getty

The amazing invention is completely customisable and you can pick your halves according to how hot you like it in bed.

Anyone who's ever shared a bed with someone will understand the STRUGGLE when they prefer it cool, and you like to be all warm and cosy - or vice versa.

However, we might've found the solution to your problems, as you can now buy a duvet that's half warm and half cold.

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The amazing new duvet, from indie company Nanu, is called the hot & not duvet, which is fully customisable and comes in two sizes.

You can choose from a double or a king depending on the size of your bed and there are four togs (or temperatures) to choose from.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of adulating will know that the lower the tog, the cooler you'll be, for example, a 13.5 will leave you seriously toasty and an extra cool one is usually around 4.5 tog.

You can build your own duvet on the Nanu website here

Nanu's website state how it works
Nanu's website state how it works. Picture: Nanu
Their fun tool shows how the duvet works
Their fun tool shows how the duvet works. Picture: Nanu

Nanu's website is seriously easy and straightforward to use, and it'll let you pick from four options - extra cool, chilled, cosy and toasty.

Prices for a double range from £50-70, depending on how hot the two sides are (the lower the overall tog, the cheaper it'll be).

For a king size, they're only slightly more expensive, coming in at £55-75.

They're not a lot more expensive than your standard duvet so it's worth treating yourself (and your partner) if you're sick of the complaints that they're too hot or cold.