Woman hasn't eaten in 97 days and claims she 'breathes in energy' instead of food

28 June 2019, 16:44

The American claims she doesn't need to eat as she breathes in energy
The American claims she doesn't need to eat as she breathes in energy. Picture: Instagram @audrabear
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Audra Bear discovered an alternative lifestyle which means she gets her energy from breathing and not from food.

An American woman has revealed that she doesn't consume solid foods after she stumbled across a different lifestyle which means she fasts for up to 97 days at a time and gets her energy from breathing.

Audra Bear is 25-years-old and says she has always been interested in health and she's never had a diet or fitness plan she's agreed with as much as this one.

Prior to discovering the 'panic' and 'breatharian' lifestyle she was a vegan and a raw vegan for four years.

She never believed she'd be able to give up solid foods and fast for extended periods but her life changed eight months ago.

Although there's no evidence to suggest that her lifestyle actually works or is in any way beneficial to her health, Audra explained that by practicing breathworth for 40 minutes a day and after five days she didn't feel hungry for solid foods.

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Audra explained: "It is a powerful energy that actually has the ability to fuel and sustain us as humans.”She continued: “Living a pranic lifestyle is about shifting your focus from nourishing your body with denser sources (food) to less denser sources (energy), all the while keeping in mind that food is not bad, you can enjoy food if you want to but the abundance comes in knowing that you don’t need it to survive.

“I had heard about people living this way but I never thought that would be me! I used to love eating.

“It wasn’t until I started practicing the breathing exercises that I realised I had no appetite for solid or dense foods.

She continued: "It started by practicing breathwork. There is something magical about conscious, controlled breathing that brings you with a face to face meeting with yourself, it brings you back to the core of your being.

“Breathwork helps you to realise who you are and what you need or don’t need. I never intended to ‘quit food’ I just started practicing for 40 minutes a day and after about five days I no longer had a hunger for dense foods. My first fast lasted 97 days."

Explaining that it's not completely restrictive, Audra said: “You can eat if you choose to, for entertainment or social settings, know your energy is sourced from the life-force all around you.

"Most days I just drink teas, fruit juices, green juices and fresh coconut waters. I do eat occasionally now, but more for celebratory reasons.

“My energy is heightened, my senses are stronger, and I’m feeling the healthiest I’ve ever been. I feel relaxed about life and a deeper connection to myself.”