Experts explain why ice cream should always be stored upside down in the freezer

7 August 2020, 10:21 | Updated: 7 August 2020, 15:04

You could have been storing your ice cream wrong
You could have been storing your ice cream wrong. Picture: Getty Images

You've probably been storing your ice cream wrong this entire time...

With the weather set to hot up over the weekend, many of us will be heading to the freezer for an ice cream.

But whatever your go-to flavour is, now experts Ben & Jerry’s have revealed you might have been storing your tubs wrong for years.

In fact, on their website, the ice cream giants state you should be putting their ice cream upside down in the freezer drawer.

Storing it like this should help prevent ‘freezer burn’ which occurs when the moisture in the ice cream evaporates and then refreezes on the surface.

Ice cream should be stored in the freezer upside down
Ice cream should be stored in the freezer upside down. Picture: Getty Images

Simply put, placing your ice cream tubs upside down should stop those little crystals forming on the top.

While this isn’t dangerous to eat, it does make chowing down on your favourite frozen snack slightly less enjoyable.

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Ben & Jerry’s website states: "Over time, ice evaporates. As the moisture leaves the ice cream and joins forces with moist ambient air, it refreezes on the ice cream's surface, creating the tell-tale crystals that indicate freezer burn.”

It adds: "What you're left with is a concoction that's icy, crunchy and kinda yucky.

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“Spare yourself from experiencing this culinary catastrophe: store your pint upside down somewhere deep in the freezer (never in the door).

“Of course, the other popular way to beat the burn is… eat the whole pint!”

When you’re flipping the ice-cream, make sure you have a tightly fitting lid, otherwise you could end up with a very sticky mess on your hands.

Another trick to keep your ice cream as cold as possible during the heatwave, is to store it at the back of the freezer as this makes it harder for warm air to get to it when you open the door.

If you prefer eating ice cream a little softer, simply leave it out of the freezer for a few minutes before using a scoop.

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