Wife horrified after mother-in-law gives husband photo album... full of pictures of his ex

27 December 2019, 13:23

The unnamed woman asked the internet for advice after the hurtful snub
The unnamed woman asked the internet for advice after the hurtful snub. Picture: Getty / Reddit

Not all in-laws have mastered the art of subtlety, as one woman discovered on Christmas morning...

An anonymous woman has begged the internet for advice after her mother-in-law gave her husband a photo album for Christmas... packed full of photos of his ex.

The unnamed wife took to Reddit's message boards to explain how her marriage of SEVEN years had seemed to flown under the radar of her thoughtless in-laws as they compiled a special scrapbook of her other half's life from birth to the present day.

She wrote: "My husband got a beautiful present from his parents - a photo album with printed pictures telling his story from the beginning.

"Very emotional... except for a little detail. I only appear in one of these pictures - a picture featuring four people where my face is not even visible.

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The anonymous woman asked the internet for advice
The anonymous woman asked the internet for advice. Picture: Reddit

"The present was only for my husband and the focus was on him being a child with his family."

However, despite the family emphasis, it sees the curator of the album decided it was vital to include a single page 'portrait' of his former love.

The OP continued: "I understand that she's part of his story and I'm not jealous at all.

"I was there when the album was given and explored page by page and frankly I was totally embarrassed when the last page was turned and I found out I wasn't in any of the pictures."

She chose not to bring it up with her husband's parents at the time, who she said have "always been very kind" to her, but she now wishes she had spoken up.

"I didn't say anything to them but now I can't explain it to myself," she said. "My husband didn't react either and now is struggling to find a justification."

People were outraged, with one replying: "I think the main thing is that this requires no wedding pictures, which feels bizarre? Why does a photo of the ex beat out a wedding picture?"

Another said: "Your husband needs to bring this up to them. Including a freaking portrait of an ex-girlfriend and not a single photo of his wife of seven years is not an accident. And if it was an accident, any reasonable.person would recognize that it sure doesn't look like one."

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