Mum reveals amazing hack for soothing teething babies using a flannel

29 May 2020, 15:10 | Updated: 6 December 2020, 11:17

The hack will blow your mind
The hack will blow your mind. Picture: TikTok

The amazing hack takes very little effort so it's worth a try.

Parents will know the teething phase all too well and be very familiar with an infant's screams as their teeth start coming through.

A mum on TikTok has shared a great hack for a DIY method of cooling and calming down a child who's going through it.

The homemade hack was posted by Janey, who runs the TikTok account The Mommy Academy, which has since gone viral.

All you need to recreate Janey's hack is a small thin flannel - which I'm sure everyone has about the house somewhere - and a muffin tray.

The mum showed in the video that all she does is simply wet the cloth under the tap before folding it in half and rolling it up.

It should fit in a muffin tray, then you can place the tray in the freezer for around half an hour.

Step 1
Step 1. Picture: TikTok

Janey then gives the frozen cloth to her child, but stresses that the rings should be taken out after 15-30 minutes (and no later), to avoid freezer burn. 

The video has racked up more than 97,000 likes so far, with many parents commenting on how they will be trying the hack for themselves.

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