Mum hits out at school after her son, 4, is given sugar on his cereal

20 November 2020, 12:15

The mum said she was "so cross" when she made the discovery
The mum said she was "so cross" when she made the discovery. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

The mum said she was "so cross" after learning her son had had cereal with sugar sprinkled on top.

A mum has lashed out at her son's school after he was given cereal with sugar on top.

The unnamed woman shared her story on a forum on Mumsnet, asking other users for advice on the situation.

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The mum turned to the forum for advice on how to handle the situation
The mum turned to the forum for advice on how to handle the situation. Picture: Getty

She explained to them that her four-year-old son, who goes to a breakfast club four days a week, asked her at the weekend for "white sprinkles" on his Shreddies, "like Mrs X does".

The mum said that her first thought was that he was being served frosted Shreddies at the breakfast club, and her second was that he was having sugar on top.

People were divided by the mum's comments
People were divided by the mum's comments. Picture: Getty

When she enquired with the leader of the breakfast club, she told her: "Yes, Mrs X has a child here who has sugar on their breakfast so I think she just automatically does it.

"Its difficult because most children prefer it but if you don't want him to have it you need to just make us aware."

The furious mum wrote on the forum that she was "so cross" at this point.

She asked fellow Mumsnet users how she should handle the situation, adding that she had already told the club to stop serving him Coco Pops.

The message divided people on the forum, and while some people agreed with the mum, others thought she was overreacting.

One person commented: "I would make a formal complaint, for the sake of ALL the children. Most the parents still probably don't know.

"I'd probably also share it amongst the parent WhatsApp group if you have it just to give others a heads up."

However, another bluntly wrote: "People’s reactions are as though this is an abnormal thing to do.

"Putting a small sprinkle of sugar on cereal is a perfectly normal thing to do.
 Just ask them to stop."

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