Mum furious after grandma demands weekly babysitting fee

7 October 2020, 11:44

The woman's grandma asked for a weekly babysitting fee (stock images)
The woman's grandma asked for a weekly babysitting fee (stock images). Picture: Getty

The mum has said she's 'livid' after her gran demanded a fee to look after her son.

A mum has divided opinion after revealing that she's 'livid' that her gran has asked for money to babysit her five-year-old child.

The woman, who hails from the US, took to Facebook group Mamas Uncut to share her story, telling other members how angry she was that her 62-year-old grandmother had demanded money to look after her son.

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Facebook was divided by the issue (stock image)
Facebook was divided by the issue (stock image). Picture: Getty

She wrote: "Should family be paid to babysit? My grandma (62) watches my son (5) for 2-4 hours 3 days a week while I work, and she DEMANDS I pay her $65/week, and it makes me livid... Also he is not a hard child to watch. He's the calmest, most independent child I've ever known honestly. He doesn't throw tantrums or run around screaming. He's very well behaved."

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Many members of the group sided with the woman's grandma, with one writing: "How do you even have the audacity to be offended for being asked to pay.

"You don't have to pay but she also doesn't have to watch her grandchild. It's not her obligation. Babysitting is stressful and everyone's time is valuable. Anyone else watching your kid wouldn't do it for free so what do you expect. The simple fact that YOU wouldn't even offer and then on top of it be mad is ridiculous."

However, some could sympathise with the woman's point, with one writing: "No. I did it for free so did my siblings, that is what family is for. You do, however, provide food, snacks and drinks for all involved".


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