Mum uses life-size cardboard cut-out of herself to convince child she's in the room

16 December 2019, 11:56

The brilliant idea went viral on Twitter
The brilliant idea went viral on Twitter. Picture: Twitter

The hilarious hack was revealed on Twitter and has gone down a storm with other parents who found it very entertaining.

Raising a child can be hard when they become needy, but one mum has thought of a very clever way around getting chores done when she's looking after her child, who usually cries whenever she leaves the room.

Fuki Sato from Japan posted a funny video on her husband's Twitter account, explaining in Japanese that her one-year-old didn't even notice it was a cardboard cut out for around 20 minutes.

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The "mum" can be seen overlooking her child&squot;s playtime
The "mum" can be seen overlooking her child's playtime. Picture: @sato_nezi

In order to get some work done around the house, the mum-of-one duped her baby into thinking she was in the room by leaving multiple cardboard cutouts dotted about.

The father of the baby, who goes by @sato_nezi on Twitter shared the whole experiment online and it went viral, gaining over 44,000 retweets in less than a week.

The very realistic life-size cut out fooled her child
The very realistic life-size cut out fooled her child. Picture: Twitter

He explained to Metro that it was all his idea to film the experiment, which showed that their son' was won over by his mum's cardboard cutouts.

In the video the child can be seen getting on with his playing and having fun, not realising it isn't actually his mum.

And for those who were getting ready to slam the mum for leaving a one-year-old unattended, don't worry as the father was there the whole time.

Fuki was able to pop in and out of the room every 20 minutes or so to ensure all was good with her child.

The viral Tweet had thousands feeling the same way, with endless comments and replies on the video in Japanese, with parents praising the funny method and joking they'd do it