Frustrated school mum decided to ditch her car in the MIDDLE of a roundabout during school run

30 January 2019, 14:30

The frustrated mum totally abandoned her car
The frustrated mum totally abandoned her car. Picture: Twitter: @BillesleyWMP

The manic school drop off got too much for this mum who decided to pull over on a roundabout to drop the kids off.

One frustrated mum has angered parents at the school gates after ditching her car across the exit of a roundabout during the school run.

The images of her dumping her vehicle in the inappropriate spot were shared by West Midland Police constabulary Billesley on their Twitter page.

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They said: "Today we have been at @Swanshurst_Sch, whilst there we have come across parents badly parking their cars around the Island.

"A parent was advised why parking across an Island exit was wrong as they felt they could park there."

The incident occurred Swanshurst School in Birmingham towards the end of the school day and at the time the parent claimed it was in her rights to part there.

Many have took to Twitter to vent their dismay at the bizarre parking.

One user said: "I’m surprised her car wasn’t towed for causing an obstruction" while another ranted "A driving license comes with responsibilities and obligations, which appear to be beyond this persons grasp."

Some even suggested that the school should hire traffic wardens to patrol the roads near the school each day and argued "You want to get someone there constantly, just think of all the revenue you'll earn, because the parents won't learn."