Mum slammed by friend after she refuses to leave nine-year-old daughter at a party 'unsupervised'

2 January 2020, 14:10 | Updated: 2 January 2020, 14:13

A mum has been slammed for not letting her daughter go to a birthday party
A mum has been slammed for not letting her daughter go to a birthday party. Picture: Getty Images

A woman has hit out at her friend after she refused to leave her little girl with ‘strangers’ at a birthday party.

Kids' birthdays can be stressful at the best of times, with all the invites, goody bags and party games.

But one mum has gone on a furious rant ahead of her daughter’s big day, after a guest pulled out last minute.

The anonymous woman took to internet forum Mumsnet, telling fellow users that she had been planning “pamper party” for her child and ten friends since October.

She explained the gathering is being held at “a very reputable salon, on a very busy high street”, and had specified on the invite that it is drop-off only.

A woman has asked for advice on Mumsnet
A woman has asked for advice on Mumsnet. Picture: Mumsnet

The mum said: “All the mums arranged to go to the restaurant over the road for a child free lunch whilst we waited for the girls. The party is for 2 hours and is this Saturday.

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“One of the mums who has been my friend for 5 years has texted me today saying she’s not happy about leaving her daughter with a stranger so she won’t be attending unless she can stay.”

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A mum has said she doesn't want to leave her nine-year-old alone with 'strangers'
A mum has said she doesn't want to leave her nine-year-old alone with 'strangers'. Picture: Getty Images

She went on to say she had forwarded all the salon's details to her friend, continuing: “Her daughter is the oldest girl attending at 9.

“As it’s only three days before the party I’m still going to be charged for her place. My daughter is gutted she isn’t going.”

Slamming the mum for not letting her know sooner, she added: “She’s now said she will let her come and she will stand outside and watch through the window?”

After asking other Mumsnet users for their opinions, it seems as though parents are divided.

“Oh, good grief, of course it is fine - she is being ridiculous,” slammed one person, while a second said: “She’s not unsupervised though. There will be adults at the salon. Sounds like an excuse.”

However, many disagreed, with a third writing: “Personally I wouldn’t leave my daughter without a known adult there to supervise. If it was my child’s party I would stay as the host and tell the other parents to drop & return.”

And a fourth adding: “Surely one adult needs to stay? I understand why the salon doesn’t want hoards of people but at least one should be there.”