Parents slammed after posting job advert for nanny with ‘ridiculously demanding’ requirements

23 November 2020, 15:36 | Updated: 24 November 2020, 16:38

A job advert for a nanny has been slammed online
A job advert for a nanny has been slammed online. Picture: Getty Images

An advert for a nanny has gone viral after people accused the parents of hiring a 'surrogate mum or dad'.

A mum and dad have been mocked online for posting a very specific job advert for a nanny.

The parents from America are willing to pay £10-an-hour for the right person to look after their kids - including cooking, cleaning, shopping and teaching.

Posted on Reddit, the advert starts out by explaining the job will involve taking care of their two children aged eight and 13.

They would be working between 11am and 7pm on weekdays, with longer hours during the school holidays.

But that isn’t all, as the lucky person will also be in charge of washing, cleaning, doing food shopping and tutoring the children in school subjects.

The applicant will have to run errands for the parents, such as visiting the bank and pharmacy, care for the pets and also be ‘75 per cent willing to travel.’

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Elsewhere on the advert, candidates must be aged 25-30 to apply, have a bachelor's degree or equivalent, and a minimum of two-years' experience as a live-in nanny.

It also states they must have good computer skills, while being bilingual ‘is a plus’.

A section entitled ‘schedule’ states the applicant should be free to work day shifts, holidays, Monday to Friday, weekends, and ‘on call’.

The caption reads: "Be a very specific age, have a bachelor's degree, be a nanny, housekeeper, teacher and personal shopper...and more, all for $13/hr."

Unfortunately for the parents, it quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons, with thousands of users branding it ‘ridiculous’.

One person wrote: "So basically be my children's parent and run my household.”

Another agreed: “Basically adopt my kids for 13/h", with a third adding: "Entirely this. These people aren't hiring a babysitter, they’re hiring a surrogate parent."

A fourth wrote: “How many separate jobs can you find in the description? I count nanny, tutor, personal shopper, grocery shopper, housekeeper, secretary, and personal chef.”

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