Woman charges mum £1,800 to replace blouse that was 'ruined' by newborn baby

2 September 2019, 16:20 | Updated: 2 September 2019, 16:27

A mum has blasted her cousin for charging her £1800
A mum has blasted her cousin for charging her £1800. Picture: Getty Images

A new mum has asked for advice after her cousin demanded she replaced a £1,800 blouse after her newborn was sick on it.

A furious mum has blasted her cousin after she demanded £1,800 to replace a top that was ‘ruined’ by her one-month-old baby.

Taking to Reddit, the woman revealed that she held a ''baby ceremony'' so her family could meet her four-month-old daughter Charlotte.

After explaining that her cousin Alice was invited to the gathering, she then described her as having ‘expensive taste’.

"She's the sort of person who has a minimum price range for how much she spends on clothing,” she wrote.

"She doesn't own anything that isn't designer and has some items of clothing that cost thousands.

"She is a banker and still lives with parents so can afford the lifestyle.”

One Reddit user has complained about her cousin
One Reddit user has complained about her cousin. Picture: Reddit

The new mum then went on to say that baby Charlotte threw up on her cousin, ruining her pricey blouse.

"It was Alice's turn to hold the baby and she was happy to at first, but suddenly Charlotte vomited on her,” she said.

"Alice handed Charlotte back to me and ran off crying, and spent the rest of the event crying in the car.

"I went to see her to apologise but she didn't want to hear any of it.

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"My mum gave her one of her shirts which was too big for her and she felt completely upset and humiliated.”

She continued: "Today I got a call from my mum, saying that she'd been on the phone to her sister (Alice's mum) saying that they want me to reimburse the cost of the blouse (roughly £1,800) since it was completely ruined.

"I have said no. At the end of the day we all know what babies can be like.

"She took a risk wearing something so expensive knowing a baby was nearby and unfortunately it backfired. I feel bad for her but it was not my fault.”

She then asked fellow Reddit users: "Am I doing the right thing by refusing to pay up?"

The post soon attracted a lot of attention, with one person commenting: ”Isn’t it true that by voluntarily holding the baby she accepted the risk?”

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Another wrote: "Honestly don't wear expensive clothes around very young kids in general.

"They're messy as hell. They love to touch your clothes and are perpetually sticky or have stuff on their fingers.

"Expensive clothes should be saved for special occasions."

While a third added: "Asking new parents for £1800 FOR A SHIRT is insane.

"I couldn't even imagine doing that for $50.”

However, some did suggest the mum paid for her cousin to get her top dry-cleaned, while others said she should contribute towards a new blouse entirely.