Are parties allowed in lockdown?

22 July 2020, 15:13

Big parties are not allowed during lockdown
Big parties are not allowed during lockdown. Picture: Getty Images

Are you allowed to throw and birthday party in lockdown? And how many people can come? Find out the government rules.

Earlier this month, lockdown restrictions in the UK were eased, with hairdressers, salons and pubs reopening across the country.

But while it’s now possible to get your nails done and visit your family for a BBQ, there is still some confusion around social distancing rules.

And with thousands of people living their birthdays through coronavirus, many are desperate to celebrate with their friends and family.

So, can you have a lockdown party? And how many people are allowed to come? Here’s what we know…

You can meet six people outside in lockdown
You can meet six people outside in lockdown. Picture: Getty Images

Are parties allowed in lockdown?

The official government website states you should not hold or attend parties of any size 'where it’s difficult to maintain social distancing'.

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In England, you can meet in groups of up to six people from different households outside.

You can socialise indoors with members of up to two households, including when going out for dinner or meeting friends at the pub.

This doesn’t have to be the same household each time, however you should still be practising social distancing at all times - which means no hugging your friends just yet.

Regular hand washing and sanitising is also advised when you're out, and you should avoid touching surfaces and using the loo in someone else’s home wherever possible.

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If you’re having dinner, you also shouldn’t share plates and utensils and you shouldn’t stay overnight away from your home with members of more than two households.

The government website states: “Try to limit the number of people you see, especially over short periods of time, to keep you and them safe, and save lives.

“The more people with whom you interact, the more chances we give the virus to spread.”

In Scotland, people can meet in extended groups, made up of a maximum of two other households outdoors.

While in Wales where there is no restriction on the number of people who can meet outdoors, providing no more than two households meet at a time.

In Northern Ireland, groups of up to 30 people can meet up outdoors.

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