This 'holy grail' Pokémon Card is set to sell for £88,000 at auction

25 June 2020, 15:21

The rare Pokémon Card is expected to sell for £88,000
The rare Pokémon Card is expected to sell for £88,000. Picture: Getty/Heritage Auctions
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

And, no, you probably don't have one stashed away in your attic.

For many, Pokémon Cards are a reminder of when we were younger and the most important thing was collecting Charmanders, Jigglypuffs and Pikachus.

However, it appears the iconic cards are just as important today as ever as one is currently set to sell for a huge £88,000 in auction.

Heritage Auctions have called the card the 'holy grail' of Pokémon Cards, with only seven ever being made.

The card is the 'Pokémon Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer card', and was originally given to winners of a tournament in Japan.

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The card is one of only seven that exist
The card is one of only seven that exist. Picture: Heritage Auctions

On Heritage Auctions' website, where the card is being bid on, they write: "Holy Grail Alert! This lot features perhaps the most sought-after card, and arguably one of the rarest cards in the entire Pokémon Trading Card Game, a 1999 Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer Card graded a perfect GEM MINT 10!

"It literally does not get any better than this! The card reads 'The Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament's champion is recognized here, and this honor is praised. By presenting this card, you may gain preferential entry into the Secret Super Battle.'

"The finals of this tournament were a secret, hence the name of the tournament -- you only found out the location after winning one of these cards in one of seven regional tournaments.

"This particular card was given to one of the seven first place winners! The finals took place in Tokyo on August 22, 1999."

The auction is set to end July 8, with the current highest bid sitting at around £12,481 ($15,500).

You can watch the bidding war unfold here.

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