Rare Paddington Bear 50p coin sells for whopping £300 on eBay

21 January 2020, 11:11 | Updated: 21 January 2020, 11:17

The coin was sold for a hefty amount on eBay
The coin was sold for a hefty amount on eBay. Picture: Getty

The Paddington Bear coin is worth a lot of money when re-sold, so take a look if you've got one.

If you've got a bunch of random coins laying around, it might be worth combing through them and finding out exactly what you have on your hands.

One 50p coin fetched its lucky owner a whopping £300, after they listed it on the online marketplace, eBay.

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This particular Paddington coin fetched £300 on eBay
This particular Paddington coin fetched £300 on eBay. Picture: eBay

The rare coin, which is the Paddington Bear Tower of London 50p was first released less than a year ago, in August 2019.

It has the engraving of the beloved children's book character in front of the huge London landmark and was sold by the Royal Mint originally.

It's unknown whether the coin was brand new or not, but the picture on the eBay listing suggests it had been used as it's covered in scratches.

If the coin would've been sold in mint condition, it's likely that it would've fetched the owner a lot more money.

At £300, it sold for its asking price, despite only attracting two bids in total.

This coin was one of two which were released in August 2019, the other of which shows the bear posing in front of St Paul's Cathedral.

Many valuable coins end up on eBay
Many valuable coins end up on eBay. Picture: Getty

There's other coins that didn't go into circulation which would be worth even more to collectors in mint condition.

The Paddington Bear series of coins first started in 2018, with multiple different editions being sold of thousands of pounds on eBay months later!

Usually, around a million 50p coins are released, and so the fewer there are of an edition, the more value it'll ultimately have.

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