Selfie-taking dad melts hearts with adorable matching face mask and tie combinations

30 July 2020, 16:32

His daughter has been sharing the images on Twitter
His daughter has been sharing the images on Twitter. Picture: Twitter
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The stunning coordination has blown everyone away on Twitter.

Dads love to embarrass us, but one dad has had the entirety of the internet in awe at his very impressive coordination skills.

Steve Montgomery's daughter Kiana posted on Twitter about her dad who has been wearing a different matching tie and face covering to work every single day.

Steve is looking fabulous
Steve is looking fabulous. Picture: Twitter

The family, based in San Antonio, Texas has since gone viral after Steve's impressive wardrobe skills and funky patterns caught the attention of pretty much everyone.

Think about it as a modern-day twist on the classic dad fashion of socks and sandals.

From check to paisley prints, the salesman has absolutely nailed his co-ords, and he and his daughter have been lapping up their newfound fame.

Kiana was initially joking when she posted a picture on Twitter earlier this month captioned "dad, why?" with her father posing for some selfies in his orange retro set and a more neutral paisley option.

She went wildly viral, attracting over 675,000 likes on the social media platform, and people couldn't stop commenting, appreciating Steve's incredible coordination... and in true dad fashion, when he was told he went viral, Steve's answer was simply: "what does viral mean?".

Steve's choices have been going down a treat
Steve's choices have been going down a treat. Picture: Twitter
He's sported a bold red number too
He's sported a bold red number too. Picture: Twitter

So how did the savvy dad get all of these tie and mask combos? Well, that's all down to his partner, who has been making matching masks out of the pocket squares that he's gotten alongside his ties.

At the moment, Steve has 15 bright masks to choose from and his partner is in the process of making some more so Steve doesn’t waste a moment slaying.

Kiana is still posting daily updates on her dad's newest fashion choices, follow her on Twitter if you don't wanna miss out at @ki_eeks