Best fans and air conditioner units 2021: From Dyson to Daikin

15 June 2021, 17:43 | Updated: 16 June 2021, 09:50

The best fans and air conditioners to buy in 2021
The best fans and air conditioners to buy in 2021. Picture: Amazon

Summer has finally arrived in the UK, meaning now's the perfect time to purchase a fan or an air conditioner.

While at the start of the year the weather forecast was dominated by rainclouds and bitterly cold temperatures, the summer sun has officially arrived - with the mercury hitting the high 20s most days.

Yes, it's true that us Brits love to complain about the weather more than anything else, but there's no denying that working from home has become even more of a slog now that we're stewing in our own heat and no longer have the luxury of hovering under the AC unit in the office.

But don't panic! We've selected some of the best deals and offers on desk fans, tower fans, floor fans and air conditioners, to help keep you cool this summer.

What types of fans are there?

There are several types of fans to help keep you cool - all of which come in varying sizes and shapes.

They include:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Tower fans
  • Floor fans
  • Window fan
  • Bladeless fans
  • Desk fans
  • Wall-mounted fans

Should I invest in air conditioning?

In many countries and regions, including the US, parts of Asia and Europe, it would be unimaginable to not have an AC unit.

That said, it can feel like a huge investment for someone living in the UK, bearing in mind we don't get that much sun throughout the year.

However, many air conditioners have a heat function as well and it can feel like a real life-saver during heatwaves.

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The price of an air conditioning unit depends on the type of machine you get; wall-mounted air conditioners will be more expensive, as there's a tech, maintenance and fixture fee associated with them. They can also take up a lot of room and look quite overbearing, especially in small spaces.

The good news is - there are lots of compact, standalone AC units available.

Here are the best fans and air conditioners to buy for summer 2021:

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde
Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde. Picture: Dyson

1. Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde

Not only does it capture dust, allergens and bacteria, you can use the remote control or Dyson app to adjust the setting to keep you cool (or warm you up in the winter).

Price: £849.46

Buy here

MeacoCool MC Series 8000
MeacoCool MC Series 8000. Picture: MeacoCool

2. MeacoCool MC Series 8000

This MeacoCool air conditioning unit is portable and comes on wheels to enable you to easily manoeuvre it around the house. It's energy efficient and comes with a remote control and easy-to-read digital display.

Price: £419.99

Buy here

Muji USB desk fan
Muji USB desk fan. Picture: Muji

3. Muji Low Noise USB Desk Fan

It may be small, but this USB desk fan sure is mighty! While it won't cool down a whole room, it's great for personal use while you work, and comes in a range of pretty colours.

Price: £19.95

Buy here

Dyson Pure Cool Me
Dyson Pure Cool Me. Picture: Dyson

4. Dyson Pure Cool Me

This compact fan is perfect for your home office. It captures gases, pollutants and allergens, and keeps you cool.

Price: £299.99

Buy here

Honeywell HT 900E Powerful and Quiet Turbo Fan Black
Honeywell HT 900E Powerful and Quiet Turbo Fan Black. Picture: Honeywell

5. Honeywell HT 900E Powerful and Quiet Turbo Fan

With over 4,000 Amazon customer reviews, this desk fan is one of the top-rated in its category. Choose from three settings - all of which are effective, yet quiet.

Price: £28.99

Buy here

Daikin Stylish Air Conditioner
Daikin Stylish Air Conditioner. Picture: Daikin

6. Daikin Stylish

As the name suggests, this wall-mounted air conditioning unit is anything but ugly! Ideal for smaller homes, this compact model not only won the Reddot Product Design Award, it can also be controlled via the Daikin app.

Price: £1,400 (inc. installation)

Buy here

Samsung WindFree Pure Air Conditioner
Samsung WindFree Pure Air Conditioner. Picture: Samsung

7. Samsung WindFree Pure

Wall-mounted air conditioner units can be bulky, but this model from Samsung is discrete and will look good in any room. Its filter sterilises micro-organisms, purifying the air, while keeping you cool.

Price: £2,500 (inc. installation)

Buy here

John Lewis 12" Desk Fan
John Lewis 12" Desk Fan. Picture: John Lewis

8. John Lewis 12" Desk Fan

There's no denying that most fans are pretty clunky and unattractive, but this sleek desk fan from John Lewis is not only great at keeping you cool - it looks incredibly chic.

Price: £45

Buy here

John Lewis 30" tower fan
John Lewis 30" tower fan. Picture: John Lewis

9. John Lewis 30" Tower Fan

Not only is the tower stand a bestseller, it comes with a two-year guarantee and is budget-friendly. You can vary the speed and settings to suit your preferences, and it's ideal for personal use around the home.

Price: £50

Buy here

Challenge 16 Inch Pedestal Fan
Challenge 16 Inch Pedestal Fan. Picture: Challenge

10. Challenge 16 Inch Pedestal Fan

Argos is selling this nifty pedestal fan from Challenge, that offers three speed settings and has an adjustable head to move according to your position.

Price: £49.99

Buy here

Swan Retro SFA12630BLN Fan
Swan Retro SFA12630BLN Fan. Picture: Swan

11. Swan Retro SFA12630BLN Fan

Available in five different colours (cream, cornflower blue, grey, red or black), this retro-style fan will make a cute addition to any living room. It is on the nosier side, but it is effective and aesthetically-pleasing.

Price: £32.99

Buy here

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