This five minute mouth workout will stop your snoring

12 April 2019, 12:18

This surgeon has developed a workout to help stop snoring
This surgeon has developed a workout to help stop snoring. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

A ear, nose and throat surgeon has developed a mouth workout that allegedly helps stop snoring.

Mike Dilkes, a surgeon at London's Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, has devised a workout to help snoring.

The doctor told the Telegraph that snoring is "not a habit you may choose to have...(it's) one you can choose to stop".

The workout is focused around the tongue and throat, and aims to tone up areas in your neck which cause snoring.

The exercises are split into three sections, with each section focusing on either the palate, throat and tongue.

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The exercises focus on the neck and throat
The exercises focus on the neck and throat. Picture: Getty

The workout works by toning muscles which have collapsed and relaxed at night while the person is sleeping.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Curling

This can be done by curling your tongue backward into the mouth and then to the roof of the mouth.

Then, bring the tongue forward and touch the back of your top teeth. Repeat this serval times.

Step 2) Ahhhhhhhhh!

Open your mouth as wide as you possible can and make an ‘ahhh’ sound for around 20 seconds.

Step 3) Squealing

Start by poking your tongue out as far as you can.

Take a deep breath and make a high pitched squeal noise.

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