Sticky toffee pudding has been voted the UK’s best dessert

15 October 2020, 14:03

Sticky Toffee pudding has been crowned the best dessert
Sticky Toffee pudding has been crowned the best dessert. Picture: Getty Images/Jack and Beyond
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Britain's favourite desserts have been revealed as Sticky Toffee pudding, Victoria sponge and chocolate brownies.

With the whole country spending more time indoors this year, it seems as though we’ve all turned to baking.

And there is no better excuse to get creative in the kitchen than National Dessert Day, which fell on Wednesday this week.

So to mark this wonderful celebration, London cake store Jack and Beyond has revealed what the nation’s favourite pudding is based on their own survey.

The company has put their results into a table which ranks the desserts from the best, or ‘God Tier’, to the ‘Worst Tier’.

The best dessert has been voted by Brits
The best dessert has been voted by Brits. Picture: Jack and Beyond

It’s good news for the humble sticky toffee pudding, which has come out on top as the most popular.

Also at the top, profiteroles, red velvet cake and tiramisu also made it into the God Tier.

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Next up, the likes of the classic Victoria sponge, chocolate brownie, Bakewell tart and chocolate eclair found themselves in the Top Tier.

In the Good Tier, you can find cheesecake, madeira cake, marble cake and the Swiss roll.

As we get to the less popular desserts, the ‘Mid Tier’ is made up of chocolate mousse, bread and butter pudding, Arctic roll and apple crumble.

And in the ‘Lower Tier’, treacle tart, Eton mess, spotted dick, and egg custard tart are hanging on.

Even worse, the ‘Bland Tier’ features rice pudding, carrot cake, banoffee pie and English trifle.

Last up, the dud prize has been given to fruit cake, angel cake, mince pies and Christmas cake. How very un-festive…

The survey was based on 1,788 Brits who all picked their favourite desserts based on a list.

Jack and Beyond’s survey didn’t include banana bread, which became the star of lockdown earlier this year.

By the end of April 2020, internet search for recipes soared by 525%, while pictures of successful bakes were posted on Instagram more than 45,000 times.

More than 900 recipes were also posted online in a matter of weeks, which means next year’s survey could look a little different.

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