'I'm a teacher and these are the Christmas gifts we hate getting’

13 December 2022, 12:22

A teacher has revealed what she doesn't want for Christmas
A teacher has revealed what she doesn't want for Christmas. Picture: Getty Images

A teacher has revealed the Christmas gifts they hate receiving from kids around the festive period.

With Christmas right around the corner, a teacher has now revealed which presents they like - and don’t like - receiving at the end of every year.

Joanne Taylor, who lives and works in Essex, has revealed she never expects parents to give gifts as they ‘do not do their job for presents’.

But she added to Mamma Mia that if parents feel like they have to give something before the festive holidays, there are some things to avoid.

Firstly, it’s best not to get your kids’ teacher a mug as they receive them so often, instead a re-usable drinks bottle of coffee cup is a good alternative.

Here's what not to get your teacher for Christmas
Here's what not to get your teacher for Christmas. Picture: Alamy

Another gift to avoid this year is lotions and skincare as these can be hugely ‘personal choices’.

"A beautifully scented hand cream or shower gel is a lovely thought,” she said, continuing: “But what 'smells good' is highly personal, not to mention that some teachers may have highly sensitive skin."

And finally, she explains that many teachers don't want chocolate or sweets for presents as this is also a personal choice, adding: “As strange as it might sound, not everyone loves chocolate and lollies.

Joanne went on to give some tips on some presents which would be enjoyed by teachers including home made gifts by kids.

“Some cookies (keeping the icky fingers at bay), a card, or a Christmas decoration are perfect,” she said.

Some teachers aren't fans of chocolate
Some teachers aren't fans of chocolate. Picture: Alamy

Some other suggestions include making a donation to a charity, a framed photo of the class, hand-picked garden flowers and some personalised stationary.

But if you really want to spoil a teacher, Joanne suggests teaming up with some other parents and getting a gift card for a shop or spa.

Joanne went on to add ‘the best gift would be a happy face on the first day back’ so parents should never feel pressure to buy anything.

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