Universal Studios' new Jurassic World theme park set to open soon

21 August 2020, 18:44

The new park look immense!
The new park look immense! Picture: PA

The amazing new park will open its doors in a few months and it looks out of this world.

If you're a fan of theme parks, and also dinosaurs, look no further as Universal Studios is opening a brand new theme park that has its own Jurassic World themed land.

The new park in Beijing will have a number of different lands to visit, and will open its doors for trial operations in the spring of 2021 before welcoming guests later on in the year.

The mock-ups look incredible
The mock-ups look incredible. Picture: PA

Local authorities confirming they are still on track for the park’s big debut in May 2021.

The park will face its own Isla Nubar so any huge fans of the Jurassic franchise will be overjoyed.

Guests of all ages will be able to explore the island where dinosaurs roam the Earth once more, experiencing attractions and adventures from the Jurassic World film.

They'll also be able to witness dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Idominus Rex and Velociraptors.

The park will have a number of worlds within it
The park will have a number of worlds within it. Picture: PA

As of yet, Universal Studios hasn’t released many details regarding the kinds of rides we can expect to see in the land, although there will apparently be a 3D attraction and a 360-degree roller coaster.

From looking at the overall concept art for the resort, it also looks as though there will be a ‘dark ride’ in the land – differing from the typical river adventure attraction that can be found at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.