Man shares 'two second' de-icing trick using cardboard

13 December 2022, 08:21 | Updated: 13 December 2022, 08:35

A man has shared a de-icing trick
A man has shared a de-icing trick. Picture: Getty Images/TikTok @tristanwalton13

How to de ice a car - one TikTok user has a tip to stop the ice from forming!

With the whole country covered in snow over the past few days, winter has well and truly hit us.

And with weather warnings still in place for much of the UK, many people are still facing a very cold journey to work this morning.

But if you’re tired of spending 15 minutes de-icing your car before you head out, now one user has revealed how he saves a lot of time.

Taking to TikTok with his 'two second de ice trick', @tristanwalton13 can be seen covering his windscreen with cardboard.

By adding a thin layer of cardboard to the front of your vehicle, you can stop ice from forming.

In the video, Tristan pulls the piece of card from the top of his snow-covered windscreen, leaving behind a perfectly clear square.

Plenty of people were impressed with his idea, however some questioned what would happen if it rained.

“I think you're on to something there,” commented one TikTok user, while another said: “Proper clever that could never have thought of it.”

“Unless it rains first then freezes,” commented someone else, while another person added: “Imagine the cardboard got wet and it stuck to the screen.”

How to keep ice off your windscreen this winter
How to keep ice off your windscreen this winter. Picture: Alamy

“And when it rains… enjoy that slush of frozen cardboard stuck to your windscreen,” agreed someone else.

The experts at the tyre and car service centre Munster Tyres have backed the tip, advising that people use a windscreen cover.

You can make the cover using cardboard, cloth, or a rubber bath mat, but the key is keeping it dry.

"Just spread it across your windshield and secure it with windshield wipers. Whatever you choose to cover your windscreen with should be dry,” they say.

“Have a carrier bag in your car to put your windshield cover in the morning.”

They add you can also cover your wing mirrors with a plastic bag and secure it with a rubber band.

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