Vegan BBQ and picnic ideas: The best meat free foods to try this summer

25 June 2020, 09:26 | Updated: 13 August 2020, 13:48

Vegan BBQ and picnic ideas
Vegan BBQ and picnic ideas. Picture: Cooks&Co, Fry Family Food Co and Meatless Farm
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

From meatless burgers, veggie sausages and vegenaise's, here's your guide to the ultimate vegan BBQ or picnic.

It’s now officially summer in the UK, which means it’s time to dig out the BBQ and get out the garden furniture.

With lockdown rules also relaxing, friends can gather in each other’s gardens for some socially distanced Al fresco dining.

But just because you choose not to eat meat and animal products, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on juicy burgers, flavoursome sausages and all the sides imaginable.

With a bit of imagination, it’s actually really easy to create meat free meals on the barbie.

Check out our favourite vegan BBQ ideas below...

Vivera Plant Burger

Vivera plant burger
Vivera plant burger. Picture: Vivera

Craving a Quarter Pounder? These delicious Vivera Plant Burgers are made from rehydrated soya and wheat protein.

It does a great job to replicate the appearance of a real meat burger, and is packed full of flavour.

Price: £2.50 from Sainsbury's

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Quinoa, Beetroot and Edamame Burgers

Field Fare vegetable burger
Field Fare vegetable burger. Picture: Field Fare

These Quinoa, Beetroot & Edamame Burger by Field Fare are currently shortlisted for a Veggie Award 2020, with the winners announced in July.

Perfect for the barbecue season, these flavoursome burgers are crammed with a punchy combination of spices and a warming hint of chilli, topped with a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds.

Price: £1.10 each from Field Fare

Chicken-Style Burgers

Chicken-Style Burgers by Fry Family Food Co
Chicken-Style Burgers by Fry Family Food Co. Picture: Fry Family Food Co

These Chicken-Style Burgers are irresistibly tasty and made using a secret family recipe.

Fry's also make Asian Spiced Burgers for those who enjoy a little bit of zing in their vegetarian meal that have a unique and subtle South Indian flavour and a delicate blend of spices.

Price: £2.50 from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Iceland and Holland & Barrett

Jalapeno Griller Patties

Wicked Kitchen Jalapeno Griller Patties
Wicked Kitchen Jalapeno Griller Patties. Picture: Wicked Kitchin

If you're after something hot and smoky, these plant-based patties are made with blended pea protein, jalapenos and red peppers.

They are all seasoned and spiced to perfection, to give your BBQ an extra bit of flavour.

Price: £3.00 from Tesco


Tofoo's tofu block
Tofoo's tofu block. Picture: Tofoo

Tofu is a versatile product that can be sliced, diced and crumbled to mix up summery salads or to put a twist on classic BBQ dishes.

The Tofoo Co’s tofu is made to a secret Japanese recipe and uses a special, all natural ingredient called Nigari and comes plain or smoked.

Price: £2 per block from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Ocado and Waitrose

Heck Vegfurters

Heck Vegfurters
Heck Vegfurters. Picture: Heck

These Plant-Based frankfurters are made from mushroom, carrot and beetroot with a natural smoky flavour.

Heck also have a range of other vegan options perfect for the BBQ, including Meat-Free Chipolatas and vegan breakfast sausages which are packed full of protein.

Price: £2.75 for four from Sainsbury's

Meatless Farm’s sausages

The Meatless Farm and Co sausages
The Meatless Farm and Co sausages. Picture: The Meatless Farm and Co

Whether it’s a a sizzling sausage roll for lunch or hot dog on the barbie, these plant-based sausages are perfect for every meal occasion.

This new and improved sausage recipe is made using a mix of pea protein and the finest plant-based ingredients; now with no soy.

Price: £2.50 from Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and ASDA, Ocado and Tesco


Jackfruit kebab
Jackfruit kebab. Picture: Scott Can Eat in collaboration with Cooks&Co

This Jackfruit is the perfect addition to a variety of dishes and can be used to create meat free burgers.

You can also fry up the Jackfruit with spices and vegetables to create the perfect kebab for your picnic in the park.

Price £2.25 from Cooks&Co

Vegan bacon rashers

THIS isn't Bacon
THIS isn't Bacon. Picture: THIS

THIS mimics meat in taste, texture, appearance and smell, but without the ethical or environmental impact, instead using peas and soya beans as the base. 

Created by two ex-burger chain founders, it is also used in restaurant chain Honest Burger's vegan option.

Price: £2.95 from Tesco, Ocado, Co-op, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett

Tempah rashers

Tempah rashers
Tempah rashers. Picture: Better Nature

Better Nature's organic tempeh rashers are the perfect plant-based alternative to bacon, which will go perfectly on your burger.

They are high in protein and made with soy beans marinated in Japanese soy sauce, sea salt, paprika and black pepper to give it a wonderfully smoky taste. 

Price: £3.29 from Better Nature

Meze dishes

Mezze dishes by unearthed
Mezze dishes by unearthed. Picture: Unearthed

Unearthed's new Mezze selection will bring big Middle Eastern flavours to your picnic this summer.

Take your lunch to the next level with their delicious Roasted Aubergine and Tomato in North African Inspired Spices or Chargrilled Red and Yellow Peppers in a Ras el Hanout dressing.

Price: £3.50 from Waitrose

Falafel Mix

Just Wholefoods Organic Vegan Falafel Mix
Just Wholefoods Organic Vegan Falafel Mix. Picture: Just Wholefoods

Transport yourself to the Middle Eastern with this vegan Falafel Mix delicately spiced with cumin and coriander.

Try these falafels in a pitta pocket with a crisp salad and a drizzle of tahini sauce, or on a bed of steaming cous cous with a spicy veg stew.

Price: £1.49 from Holland and Barrett

Vegan Tortilla

Vegan Tortilla by Squeaky Bean
Vegan Tortilla by Squeaky Bean. Picture: Squeaky Bean

If you miss a Spanish-style Tortilla, vegan food brand Squeaky Bean has launched a ready-to-eat Potato and Onion version made entirely from plants.

Packed with flavour, the Tortillas contain succulent chunks of potato and onion in a fluffy, golden chickpea base, making them perfect for picnics, tapas-style dinners or BBQs.

Price: £2 from Sainsbury's

Brioche Style Wrap

Brioche Style Wrap from Deli Kitchen
Brioche Style Wrap from Deli Kitchen. Picture: Deli Kitchen

The New Deli Kitchen Brioche Style Wrap combines the subtle sweetness of a classic French brioche, with the softness and functionality of a Mexican tortilla.  

Whether you’re popping in your favourite filling for a picnic or enjoying a toasted wrap on the BBQ, Deli Kitchen’s wrap has you covered.

Price: £1.35 from Tesco

Cheese slices

Cheddar cheese slices from Follow Your Heart
Cheddar cheese slices from Follow Your Heart. Picture: Cheese slices from Follow Your Heart

These slices are delicious melted on top of a burger on the BBQ.

Available in flavours including cheddar, gouda and mozzarella, they are made from coconut oil and totally vegan.

Price: £3.39 from Ocado, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic

Veggie bites

ChicP's veggie bites
ChicP's veggie bites. Picture: ChicP

ChicP's vitamin-rich Veggie Bites are a brand new snack packed with vitamins and plant-based protein. 

Coming in three distinctive flavours, Sweet Potato & Rosemary, Spinach, Red Pepper & Parsley and Beetroot & Apple, each bite is dairy and nut free. 

Price: £2.50 from Wholefoods now and Ocado from 18th July

Chicken goujons

THIS chicken goujons
THIS chicken goujons. Picture: THIS

These realistic non-chicken goujons by THIS will go perfectly with your family picnic or alongside your burger at a BBQ.

Elsewhere in the range, you can also get your hands on THIS Isn’t Chicken Salt & Pepper pieces, and Tikka pieces.

Price: £3.85 from Tesco, Ocado, Co-op, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett

Veggie cakes

Kallø veggie cakes
Kallø veggie cakes. Picture: Kallø

If you wanted the perfect picnic side or vegan BBQ extra, Kallø has launched their brand new plant-based snacking range that packs plenty of protein and flavour.

Made from peas and lentils, Kallø Veggie Cakes, come in two delicious flavours: Beetroot & Balsamic and Spinach & Pesto.

Price: £2.49 from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Ocado

Sweet peppers

Sweety Drop Peppers
Sweety Drop Peppers. Picture: Cooks&Co

These Red Drops from the Peruvian Amazon have a delicious sweet and sour flavour with an added kick.

They work great in summer pasta dishes as well as a topping for your salads, or delicious wrap filling.

Price: £2.99 from Cooks&Co

Vegan Mayonnaise

Plamil’s mayonnaise
Plamil’s mayonnaise. Picture: Plamil

Plamil’s range of vegan mayos are dairy free, cholesterol free and gluten free.

Take your pick from Original, Organic, Garlic, or Tarragon and use it in a salad, to dip your chips in or to create a masterpiece burger filler!

Price: £2.49 from Holland and Barrett

Japanese sauces

Miso Tasty cooking sauces
Miso Tasty cooking sauces. Picture: Miso Tasty

You can recreate your favourite inject a dose of tasty Japanese flavour to your BBQ with Miso Tasty's sauces.

The Teriyaki and the Miso sauces make ideal marinades for vegetables that can then be cooked on the BBQ.

Price: £1.84 from Waitrose

Hot pepper sauce

Encona Scotch Bonnet Sauce Hot Pepper Sauce
Encona Scotch Bonnet Sauce Hot Pepper Sauce. Picture: Encona

Encona is introducing two exciting new hot sauce flavours, Thai-inspired Chunky Sriracha Sauce and the intensely hot West African inspired Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce.

These are the perfect way to make your BBQ more exciting by adding a kick to your beg or spicing up your homemade wrap.

Price: From £1.50 from Tesco

Pimp My Salad toppings

Enjoy bacon and parmesan guilt free with these vegan alternatives
Enjoy bacon and parmesan guilt free with these vegan alternatives. Picture: Pimp My Salad

Usually un-vegan flavours like bacon and parmesan cheese have been transformed in to vegan-friendly salad toppers by new company Pimp My Salad.

Their new range of tasty add-ons include coconut bacon, cashew or hemp parmesan, and crunchy sprouted sunflower seeds to elevate your salad (or pizza, soup, pasta... the possibilities are endless) to new levels of taste and texture.

The toppers use only the best ingredients and are sourced from ethical suppliers, and are also suitable for people on gluten free and keto/paleo diets.

Price: From £1.15 from Planet Organic

Moving Mountains Bleeding Burger

The Moving Mountains burger looks just like a meaty beef burger
The Moving Mountains burger looks just like a meaty beef burger. Picture: Moving Mountains

Despite its gory name, Moving Mountains®' Bleeding Burger is 100% vegan, and until now was only available in restaurants.

It looks just like a regular patty, and when cooked in the pan or BBQ, it sizzles, smells and browns just like the real thing. 

And just like the very best juicy burger, when perfectly cooked, the Moving Mountains® burger bleeds through the middle – with beetroot juice instead of animal blood.

Price: £4.50 for two burgers

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