This is what your sleeping position says about your personality

20 June 2019, 16:23 | Updated: 20 June 2019, 16:30

This is what your sleeping position says about you
This is what your sleeping position says about you. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Ever wondered what your favourite sleep position says about your personality? Wonder no more...

While you might just climb into bed every night without a second thought, it turns out your sleeping position can actually reveal some interesting details about your personality.

Dr Lillian Glass, a body language specialist from California, told Women’s Health that it's impossible to control your natural sleeping position, so there’s no hiding those inner emotions when it comes to catching 40 winks.

Let’s take a look at what your style says about you...

Sleeping on your stomach

Apparently, just 6.5% of people prefer to sleep on their front, and it could show you’re trying to “protect yourself".

Sleeping on your front says a lot about your personality
Sleeping on your front says a lot about your personality. Picture: Getty Images

According to Mattress Firm, people who sleep on their stomach while sharing a bed with their partner are showing signs of "anxiety, emotional fear, vulnerability, or lack of control in a relationship."

Christopher Winter, sleep specialist and author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken, also told Women's Health: "It's not the best choice for your airway or lower back, people who sleep in this position are very stoic.

"You kind of feel covered and protected, like a turtle with your shell, you may be more inward-looking than outward-projecting."

Sleeping in the foetal position

If you *literally* sleep like a baby, you’re not alone as it’s actually the most popular position with 41% of people curling up.

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Professor Idzikowski told The Telegraph: "The most popular position, particularly among women, is the foetus.

"These people may appear tough, but are actually sensitive souls right to their core and are usually shy."

The foetal position could mean you're insecure
The foetal position could mean you're insecure. Picture: Getty Images

“It's thought of as being a sort of regressive position,” Christopher Winter adds. “When there's trauma you're not able to deal with, you kind of ball yourself up.”

Sleeping on your side

It’s good news for those who like sleeping on one side, because apparently this means you have balance in your life.

As a cross between lying on your back and the foetal position, it’s mostly associated with athletes, with Christopher Winter adding that it’s the best sleeping position for breathing.

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Mattress manufacturers Dreams also claim sleeping like a log can show you're "naturally carefree" and "a bit of a social butterfly".

Sleeping on your back

For those who like to relax on their back, it reportedly shows a lot of confidence - especially if you sleep in the nude!

“It’s a fairly confident position, particularly if you're somebody who doesn't wear a lot of clothing to bed. It's all kind of out there on display,” Christopher says.

Dreams also added that those who lie in the "stargazer" position make the best friends as they're happy, easygoing and put others before themselves.

Sleeping in multiple positions

If you’re seriously indecisive in your sleep, it could have something to do with your dreams or a sign that you have a lot on your mind.

Dr Lillian Glass told Women's Health: "Perhaps there is a diagnostic meaning for someone who can't lay still all night, like restless legs for example."

If you’re keen to find out how you sleep, Dr Glass points out that it’s usually not the position you fall asleep in, but the one you wake up in the next day that’s a true reflection of your bedtime routine.

So take note when you open your eyes tomorrow morning!

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