90% of smartphone users have 'Low Battery Anxiety'

22 October 2018, 16:06

Phone batteries are giving people anxiety
Phone batteries are giving people anxiety. Picture: GETTY

LG carried out a survey on thousands of smartphone users - and the results will shock you.

If the thought of your battery dropping below 20% gives you cold sweats, then you're not alone.

LG carried out a survey where 90% of people admitted to feeling 'low battery anxiety.'

32% of people confessed they would "drop everything" and return home if their smartphone battery died while they were away from a charging outlet.

A whopping 42% of millennials vowed they would ditch a trip to the gym if their phone was low on battery.

People are constantly reaching for a charger
People are constantly reaching for a charger. Picture: GETTY

Thankfully, there are a few tricks and tips you can follow to make your phone battery last even longer.

Shutting down active apps and turning off location services are two of the first things you should do.

You'll still be able to use things like maps to navigate your way, but you only need to turn on location services while actually using the specific apps.

It's also worth keeping your screen brightness to a minimum and making sure you turn off bluetooth when not connected to a speaker.