Is there really going to be an arctic freeze and snow in February?

1 February 2024, 10:37 | Updated: 1 February 2024, 10:59

Aerial shot of snow on fields next to a lady wrapping up
Snow and freezing temperatures are on their way this February. Picture: Getty

By Zoe Adams

The February weather forecast from the Met Office is looking cold and frosty.

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Snow and arctic blasts are set to arrive in the UK in February, latest weather experts have warned.

Following a reasonably mild end to January, after a long frosty stint, it seems spring isn't around the corner just yet as "blankets of snow" and "below freezing temperatures" are heading towards us.

The Met Office's February forecast doesn't show any signs of this cold snap just yet, but their long-range predictions does mention "colder conditions" later in the month.

So is there really going to be snow in February? And what's the latest on the arctic blast? Here's everything you need to know including when and where it's going to hit.

Cars covered in snow after January's arctic blast
February looks set to bring below freezing temperatures according to weather experts. Picture: Getty

Is there going to be an arctic blast and snow in February?

A blast of cold air from the north, being named the “Troll from Trondheim” is predicted to hit most parts of the country in the coming days.

According to WXCharts, the cold snap will bring plunging temperatures, as low as -8, and a lot of snow across much of the UK.

They warned that 2cm of snow could fall per hour during it's peak.

While the Met Office has yet to confirm the flurries and arctic blast, they have said "there is a chance colder conditions could start to feature".

Aerial shot of snow covered fields in the UK
Snow is set to cover a lot of the UK in the middle of February. Picture: Getty

When is the snow and arctic blast coming in February?

It's time to enjoy these temperatures while you can as the forecast suggests the cold snap will arrive from the second week of February with the coldest part happening around the 10th.

The Met Office agrees the frostier conditions are coming towards the middle of the months as their 5th-14th Feb forecast reads: "There is a chance colder conditions could then start to feature slightly more widely during the second week of February, with increased chance of wintry weather across northern parts of the UK."

Where will the arctic blast and snow hit in the UK?

As the weather forecast still remains quite long-distance, accurate reports can't be given just yet however, experts have said the worst of it will hit Scotland and Wales.

According to WXCharts, those two parts of the country will see the lowest temperatures during the wintery storm. However, "widespread" snow is likely meaning most parts of the UK will witness the weather system coming in from Scandinavia.