Everything Boris Johnson is expected to announce about June 21 in today’s press conference

14 June 2021, 07:14 | Updated: 14 June 2021, 07:38

Boris Johnson is holding a press conference today
Boris Johnson is holding a press conference today. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images

Weddings, social distancing and nightclubs will be on Boris Johnson's agenda today...

Boris Johnson is set to delay ‘Freedom Day’ by four weeks, according to reports.

Stage four of the government's roadmap out of lockdown would see all social distancing restrictions removed.

However, a source has now told the BBC that this will be pushed back to July 19 at the earliest to allow more people to be vaccinated and receive their second doses.

But what else could the Prime Minister say in his press conference today?

Boris Johnson will announce the next stage of lockdown today
Boris Johnson will announce the next stage of lockdown today. Picture: PA Images

Rule of Six

The 'rule of six' is expected to stay in force after today, with only six people allowed to meet indoors.

This includes hospitality such as pubs, restaurants and bars, as well as private houses.

30 people are currently allowed to gather outside, while there are also limits on football games, cinemas and theatre shows.

Nightclubs staying shut

According to reports, nightclubs are to remain closed until at least July 19, with social distancing rules in bars and pubs to stay in place.

The Rule of Six will stay in place in England
The Rule of Six will stay in place in England. Picture: PA Images

Nightclubs are among the last businesses to open, but according to The Sun, a two-week review will be put in place, meaning Covid restrictions could be dropped on July 5 if Covid hospitalisations stay low.

Face masks to remain

With Freedom Day set to be pushed back, it is thought Boris Johnson will advise the nation to continue wearing face masks.

One expert has even suggested they could even have to be worn forever.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick told the Today programme: “Well, there are options that are clearly available to the Government.”

Face masks must still be worn in England
Face masks must still be worn in England. Picture: PA Images

“We set out within the road map what would be expected to happen at the next stage and we want to try to stick to that if we possibly can.

“All of us are moving everything we can to achieve that. But of course, we keep these things under review and we’re also asking people to continue to exercise caution in their daily lives.”


There is currently a 30-person limit on weddings, with many brides and grooms hoping this would be lifted on June 21.

It is unclear what the rules on this will be, but according to the Telegraph, it is thought the restrictions will stay in place for now.

This means guests still have to wear face masks inside unless they are eating or drinking and dancing and singing is discouraged to limit the spread of Covid.