Britain facing pie shortage due to lack of foil tins

19 October 2021, 10:30 | Updated: 19 October 2021, 11:22

Brits are facing a possible pie shortage (stock images)
Brits are facing a possible pie shortage (stock images). Picture: Getty
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By Heart reporter

A pie manufacturer has warned that their industry is facing a 'perfect storm' of problems.

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Britain could be facing a pie shortage due to a lack of aluminium used to make foil tins.

The British Pie Association has warned the public to recycle their old pie tins rather than throw them away, amid fears that the pie shortage could affect Christmas.

Isaac Fisher, the boss of Pukka Pies, has assured the public that his company is doing okay, however, telling The Sun: "There’s no doubt there are big challenges in the foil market.

The shortage of foil tins could potentially affect mince pies (stock image)
The shortage of foil tins could potentially affect mince pies (stock image). Picture: Getty

"Demand during the pandemic, coupled with labour shortages and inflation, have created a perfect storm.

"As the People’s Pie, it’s our No 1 ­priority to keep feeding the nation. We’ve taken steps to make sure our bakery has a continued supply of foils."

There have been a number of reports of various shortages in the UK in recent weeks, which are due to a lack of HGV drivers able to transport goods.

One of the issues is that there aren't enough drivers to transport goods from ports, and several shipping companies have been forced to turn round and unload their cargo elsewhere in Europe.

Two-thirds of shoppers have said that they are concerned about Christmas shortages, with things like toys and electric goods being potentially affected.