Is car insurance invalid during lockdown in England?

10 November 2020, 11:12

Experts have warned about car insurance during lockdown
Experts have warned about car insurance during lockdown. Picture: Getty Images

What happens to car insurance during lockdown in England? Here's what we know...

England is currently in a month-long lockdown, with all non essential shops and hospitality services forced to close.

All non essential journeys have also been banned, with the government website stating: “Travelling away from home, including internationally, is restricted from England except in limited circumstances such as for work or for education.”

This has led to reports which have suggested driver’s car insurance could be invalid if they decide to make any unnecessary trips.

So, is car insurance invalid during lockdown? Here’s what we know…

Is car insurance invalid in lockdown?

It is best to check with your insurance company to clarify what their rules are on protection during lockdown.

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Experts have warned that if you were to have an accident during a ‘non essential’ journey, you could end up paying thousands to cover the repair.

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Speaking to the Mirror, specialist motoring lawyer Nick Freeman explained: “Essential travel is largely defined as ­shopping for necessities, picking up medical supplies, caring for a vulnerable person and getting to and from work if you cannot do so from home.

“Anything else is not really acceptable. If you have an accident and can’t prove your journey was essential your ­insurance may be void.”

Florence Codjoe, who works for financial website, added: “You could end up paying thousands for ­repairs.

"If you’re unsure about cover during lockdown, speak to your insurer for clarification.”

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However, responding to the claims, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has now claimed this isn’t true.

A spokesperson told the Banbury Guardian: “Contrary to reports, using your car for non-essential travel will not risk invalidating your car insurance.

“Your cover will not be affected if you drive during the lockdown period. However, all motorists should follow government advice and avoid non-essential travel.”

As for individual insurers, a statement from LV= said: “Press stories have suggested that car insurance won't be valid for non-essential journeys in lockdown. This isn't true for LV= car insurance, and you'll still be insured to drive as per your policy T&Cs, as long as you have comprehensive or third party cover.”

Admiral also told the publication: “Your insurance will not be affected if you drive during the lockdown period, but all motorists should follow the latest government advice and avoid non-essential travel.”

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