Can cleaners work in homes during lockdown? Latest government advice

11 May 2020, 12:06 | Updated: 11 May 2020, 15:22

Can domestic cleaners work during lockdown? (stock images)
Can domestic cleaners work during lockdown? (stock images). Picture: Getty

The latest rules and advice for domestic cleaners during the coronavirus lockdown.

The UK was put into lockdown on 23 March, with many people - other than key workers - being told to work from home, put on furlough, or being unable to work during this time.

The government guidelines on some jobs has changed over the past week, however, and they last week issued advice for cleaners and nannies who work in people's homes.

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What is the government advice for domestic cleaners?

Domestic cleaners can still work under government guidelines (stock image)
Domestic cleaners can still work under government guidelines (stock image). Picture: Getty

The advice, which is dated May 4, states: "You can continue work, providing that you are well and have no symptoms. No work should be carried out by a tradesperson, cleaner or nanny who has coronavirus symptoms, however mild, or when someone in their own household has symptoms."

The website adds that cleaners must keep a two metre distance from members of the household.

Read the full advice on the website

The advice states that if you are going to work in someone's home, you must "Wash your hands using soap and water for 20 seconds.

"You should wash your hands regularly, particularly after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing, and when leaving the property.

"Where facilities to wash hands are not available, hand sanitiser should be used, and you should carry this with you at all times."

According to the Telegraph, cleaning agency Housekeep has sent an email round to its customers stating: "If everybody in your home is well, you can continue to book your Housekeeper as normal." 

What has Boris Johnson said about getting the public back to work?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation in a televised speech last night (May 10).

He said that those who cannot work from home should be encouraged to return to work this week, saying: "We now need to stress that anyone who can't work from home, for instance those in construction or manufacturing, should be actively encouraged to go to work."

The Prime Minister did stress, though, that those returning to work should avoid public transport where possible, and instead drive, cycle or walk.

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Leader of the Opposition Keir Starmer told the BBC of Mr Johnson's announcement: "Those that can’t work at home are being told to go to work… that’s quite a thing to spring on people for tomorrow morning."

"The Prime Minister appears to be effectively telling millions of people to go back to work without a clear plan for safety or clear guidance as to how to get there without using public transport."


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