Entire towns could face local lockdown from tomorrow to strictly isolate new COVID-19 sufferers

27 May 2020, 08:08 | Updated: 27 May 2020, 08:28

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the news yesterday
Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the news yesterday. Picture: Getty

Parts of the UK will have to undergo very tough local lockdowns in a bid to control the virus.

From tomorrow onwards, certain areas of Britains might need to enforce strict local lockdowns to isolate new coronavirus sufferers.

The Sun announced that Boris Johnson's new track and trace programme is set to be announced tomorrow, with its purpose being to stamp out any new COVID-19 contagion trails.

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Local lockdowns will be in future coronavirus plans

The Prime Minister has stated the programme is set to go ahead either tomorrow or Friday, when a whopping 25,000 contact tracers will begin their work in finding out where all of the new cases are.

As a result of the programme, entire towns could indeed face strict lockdown if its found that there are huge regional flare-ups.

This could mean that schools, workplaces and all business be shut again.

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Total lockdown could indeed happen again
Total lockdown could indeed happen again. Picture: Getty

Our Government has pledged to introduce the new system by June 1st, and it's one that's already been highly successful in South Korea and Germany. However, they did introduce the system very early on into the pandemic.

Although we weren't initially expecting the contact tracing system until next Monday, its been rushed forward a few days to try and give parents and teachers some comfort before some schools are set to re-open in England.

The Sun added that Matt Hancock, the UK's Health Secretary confirmed on Tuesday that the contact tracers will indeed have the power to force whole schools, offie blocks or streets into isolation.

People could be forced back into their homes
People could be forced back into their homes. Picture: Getty

During the briefing at Downing Street, he said: "We will have local lockdowns in future where there are flare-ups.

“We have a system we are putting in place with a combination of Public Health England and the new Joint Biosecurity Centre.”

He added: “It’s incredibly important people play their part.

“People aren’t going to be doing this for me, it will be for their loved ones.”