All the Covid Step 2 restrictions England could face after Christmas

21 December 2021, 10:25 | Updated: 21 December 2021, 10:30

Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

What are Covid Step 2 restrictions? Here’s what Boris Johnson could bring in over the next few weeks…

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With coronavirus cases once again on the rise in the UK, Boris Johnson is now considering introducing tougher social distancing measures.

The government recently brought in ‘Plan B’ rules in England, which includes mandatory face masks and covid passports, as well as working from home guidance.

But scientists are now urging the Prime Minister to take urgent action, with so-called ‘Step 2’ restrictions being suggested for December 28.

So what are Step 2 restrictions and what would they mean in England?

Boris Johnson could impose stricter Covid measures
Boris Johnson could impose stricter Covid measures. Picture: Alamy

What are Covid Step 2 restrictions?

Step 2 restrictions were in place back in April this year as part of the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’.

Here’s all the rules that were in place…

Social bubbles and ‘rule of six’

This rule means that households are not allowed to mix indoors unless they create a ‘support bubble’.

Loved ones would be able to meet outdoors in places like gardens or parks in groups of six people, but these groups could only be made up of two households.

Overnight stays would also be banned, except within a support bubble.

Shops and retail would remain open
Shops and retail would remain open. Picture: Alamy

Hospitality outdoor service only

Restaurants, pubs and bars would be banned from serving indoors, which means it would be a return to outdoor dining.

The rule of six would also apply here, with only two households allowed to meet.

Indoor entertainment - such as cinemas and theatres - would close, with rule of six in place for outdoor attractions.

Schools remain open

Schools and colleges would remain open to every student, while practical university courses would also remain open.

Any theory lessons may be taught online, while all students and teachers would have to test regularly.

We could see a return to outdoor hospitality
We could see a return to outdoor hospitality. Picture: Getty Images

Shops stay open

All retail - including non-essential shops - would stay open under Step 2.

Masks would continue to be mandatory, while hairdressers, salons and barbers would also remain open.

Gyms, indoor sports facilities and spas would also be open, but only for single households or support bubbles.

Ban on travel

Only essential travel would be allowed abroad, while staycations would be very limited.

Domestic hotels, hostels and B&Bs would have to close, while campsites and self-contained holiday accommodation would be open to single households or support bubbles only.