England's 17 areas where coronavirus cases are falling including Southampton and Swindon

15 September 2020, 07:10 | Updated: 15 September 2020, 07:14

There are places in the UK where coronavirus cases are dropping
There are places in the UK where coronavirus cases are dropping. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images

Coronavirus cases have been dropping in 17 places across England since the start of the month.

While lockdown measures have been ramped up across the UK, it looks like it’s not all bad news.

In fact, 17 places across England have been revealed to have seen a drop in coronavirus cases over the past few weeks.

Southampton, Swindon and Bedford are among the list of areas where COVID-19 infections are not rising.

It’s also good news if you live in Greenwich, Gloucestershire and Norfolk where cases have also fallen since the start of the month.

Southampton has seen a drop in Covid-19 cases
Southampton has seen a drop in Covid-19 cases. Picture: PA Images

According to Public Health England statistics, Buckinghamshire's rate also dropped by 10% last week, while Rutland saw the biggest drop of 83%.

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Meanwhile, in Norfolk there was a 44% fall, Southampton cases fell by 44%, and Swindon saw a drop of 35%.

Southend, Bexley and Cambridgeshire have also made the list.

There is thought to be no clear trend in areas where infections are dropping, with areas spreading across the country.

See the full list of areas where the rate has dropped:











Redcar and Cleveland







Unfortunately, 132 out of 149 areas of the country have seen cases rise following the week of September 4.

Public Health England also has 49 areas on its watchlist of places to keep an eye on for serious outbreaks.

There have been major increases in infections the likes of Birmingham, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Leicester.

And with cases rising, the Government has now brought in the 'rule of six' law which has put an end to any large social gatherings from Monday.

Meeting in groups of more than six people in England is now against the law.

If anyone is caught breaking the rules - either indoors or outdoors - they could face fines of up to £3,200.

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