Government confirm English residents can drive to the beach as lockdown is eased

11 May 2020, 17:42

It's now permitted to drive to the beach
It's now permitted to drive to the beach. Picture: Getty

New guidelines revealed in the Prime Minster's 50-page roadmap has aimed to provide clarity on many situations.

New driving rules following the Government's 50-page document detailing the easing of lockdown has stated that the English are allowed to drive to the beach with household members.

The measures - which aren't being followed by Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who are still in lockdown - have stated that motorists can drive anywhere in England "irrespective" of the distance.

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Driving to the beach is now permitted in England
Driving to the beach is now permitted in England. Picture: Getty

Boris Johnson has revealed that those working in industries where they are unable to work from home are now able to return to work, and has strongly advised anyone to drive, cycle or walk to work where it is possible.

Along with his encouragement to drive to work, PM Johnson has stated those driving will be allowed to do so freely for other purposes as long as social distancing measures are met.

The trips should not be made with anyone from outside of your household.

The new rules around motoring mean mileage limits have expired, so if people wish to exercise on the beach, they may drive there.

As well as this, the time limit has expired, so it's possible for anyone to enjoy sunbathing too.

The government document has also detailed that it's very important people do not travel across the borders to Wales or Scotland as it'd be inconsistent with their guidance. 

This is down to each nation having different approaches to lockdown measures, as Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have all publicly disapproved of Johnson changing the 'stay at home' slogan to 'stay alert'.

The report which applies England says: “People may drive to outdoor open spaces irrespective of distance, so long as they respect social distancing guidance while they are there, because this does not involve contact with people outside your household. 

“When travelling to outdoor spaces, it is important that people respect the rules in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and do not travel to different parts of the UK where it would be inconsistent with guidance or regulations issued by the relevant parliament."