German cafe asks customers to wear 'pool noodle' hats to maintain social distancing

15 May 2020, 10:55

The German cafe has had a bit of fun on social media
The German cafe has had a bit of fun on social media. Picture: Cafe & Konditorei Rothe [Facebook] & Getty Images

This gives us a glimpse into what life could be like after lockdown is eased in the UK.

We've all been living very different lives for the past two moths, and all of our favourite cafes and restaurants have closed their doors for the foreseeable.

It's looking likely (if people stick to the rules) that they could start re-opening in July, although people are still unsure how things will look when they do finally re-open.

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One cafe in Germany has given us a look into how life could be in a few weeks, after they got creative with their way of maintaining social distancing with customers.

The managers at Cafe & Konditorei Rothe in Schwerin, northeast Germany, posted a snap on their Facebook account which has attracted thousands of people to share the image.

The hilarious picture was done as a bit of fun, where you can see all of the cafe's customers sat outside in the sun enjoying their drinks with hats on made from massive swimming pool noodles.

These ensured that they didnt get too close to any of the other customers.

Since the funny picture hit Twitter, after one user named Katy Lee re-posted the snap, it's attracted 2.5k retweets and 8.6k likes, with endless comments on how great of an idea it was.

Many realised it was a joke, saying "great PR for them!" and another saying "I love this so much".

Cafes in the UK are currently closed
Cafes in the UK are currently closed. Picture: Getty

However, others didn't take it so well, jumping to instantly criticise the method.

One said: "Are they sharing hats? That's hygienic!", "I hope they thoroughly clean the hats between customers", added another.

One agitated tweeted said: "Shocker- treating people like brainless cattle.

"People can't possibly think for themselves or measure 6 feet."

The picture has gone viral but the cafe clarified on Facebook that it was indeed a joke, orchestrated by German TV channel RTL.

They wrote: "‪It was a gag, people, simply a gag. RTL came up with the idea, so calm down, it’s not real!

"It generated lots of free advertising, so well worth it."

Germany began to ease its lockdown on April 27 after experiencing among the lowest death tolls in Europe, at just under 7,000.

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