Homebase customers left fuming as store struggles to meet online demand... but is still taking orders

21 April 2020, 17:12 | Updated: 21 April 2020, 18:02

Homebase have been slammed by customers for still taking orders despite a huge delay
Homebase have been slammed by customers for still taking orders despite a huge delay. Picture: PA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The DIY store confirmed customers can still order online despite them struggling to manage their current orders.

Homebase has been slammed by annoyed customers who claim they're being ignored after orders have failed to turn up weeks after the estimated delivery date.

The home improvement and DIY store is still accepting orders, despite multiple statements issued on their Twitter account stating "we're sorry" for delays and that they're "working really hard to catch up".

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In a statement issued to Heart.co.uk, a Homebase representative said: “The huge demand we’ve seen online since closing our stores has significantly impacted how quickly we have been able to get orders to our customers. We know this is has been incredibly frustrating.

"Our team and suppliers are working hard doing everything we can to catch up and get back on track. Any customers who have requested a refund will have the money back in their account seven days after the request has been processed.

"We are sorry to anyone who has had an issue with an order or delivery, and grateful to our teams who are doing so much behind the scenes to keep things moving.”

When asked to comment specifically on whether or not they will be pausing online ordering to deal with fulfilling current orders, Homebase said: "Customers can still order online".

The last post made by Homebase on their UK Twitter account was on April 15, where they wrote: "From everyone at Homebase, we’re sorry. We’re working really hard to catch up and get your orders sent out.

"If you’ve emailed we promise we’ll respond - there’s no need to send another. To help speed things up, we’re focusing on emails sent to online.customerorders@homebase.co.uk"

This Tweet alone, asking customers to focus on sending emails and not sending them DMs, has attracted over 600 replies, mainly from angry customers claiming that money has left their bank accounts weeks ago and they're yet to receive their orders or any updates from Homebase.

One customer, Sam Berridge told Heart.co.uk: "We placed an order for a hot tub, costing £500 plus £12.50 delivery for guaranteed delivery by April 13.

"We heard nothing from Homebase at all, we've sent messages via Facebook and on Twitter, emails, tried to call.

"Every time they’ve suggested a way to contact them, they’ve moved the goalposts.

"We have finally received an email today to say that it should be with us by Sunday but to be honest I have little faith in them as a company."

Another customer, Dave Lester, said: "We placed an order March 28th for £241.20 plus £12.50 delivery which was for 10 items, but we have only received one.

"We have sent 3 emails and 3 DMs with no response apart from one Twitter message, but they then didn't respond to our reply asking if they had an estimated delivery date.

We were advised some items were only three-day delivery. Money was taken out of our account on March 30th but we've still not received our items nearly a month later."

On April 5th, Homebase had Tweeted acknowledging "our website is extra busy" and apologising, saying "we're really sorry if you are one of our customers experiencing delays", a post that's since received over 1.1k replies.

However, in the same Tweet they also urged customers to DM them, which is something they have now suggested against.

This is understandably frustrating for those who have paid for an order that hasn't turned up and have received no update on their orders or any reply from Homebase.

However, Homebase has assured customers that the backlog of orders will soon be sorted and they will receive their orders or their refunds in due course.

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