Full list of things you can do in the second lockdown in England that you couldn’t in the first

5 November 2020, 10:40 | Updated: 5 November 2020, 10:41

Things you can do in the second lockdown in England
Things you can do in the second lockdown in England. Picture: Getty Images

The lockdown in England this November is slightly different to the national restrictions back in March.

England is now in a month-long lockdown in a bid to stop coronavirus cases rising.

This means that all 'non essential' shops have been closed, while restaurants and pubs have also shut their doors.

But there are different rules from the first lockdown back in March, including schools remaining open and care homes allowing visits.

See the full list below:

Children are going to school

Schools are still open to all children throughout the second lockdown in England.

This means primary and secondary schools will continue to run as they were, with strict social distancing and classroom ‘bubbles’.

Schools are remaining open in England
Schools are remaining open in England. Picture: PA Images

Nurseries are still allowed to open, with Boris Johnson recently vowing to do everything he can to make sure education can continue.

He said in a recent speech: “Our senior clinicians still advise that school is the best place for children to be, we cannot let this virus to damage our children’s future any more than it already has.”

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Universities are open

University campuses will also remain open during England’s second coronavirus lockdown.

But institutions have been urged to move more teaching online so people are mixing as little as possible.

Students have also been told not to go home to their families during term time.

Boris Johnson announced universities will remain open
Boris Johnson announced universities will remain open. Picture: PA Images

People can bubble

Single-adult households can remain in their exclusive support bubble with one other household to prevent isolation and loneliness.

You can exercise outside with one other person

When lockdown first hit in March, the rules stated you were only allowed to leave your house for exercise once a day.

There is no longer a limit on this and you are allowed to exercise with one person who is not in your household.

Young children who are below preschool age don’t count as part of the two-person limit.

Public toilets remain open

Public toilets were controversially closed back in March, so they will be kept open this time around.

Football can continue

Sport was cancelled altogether earlier this year, but now ‘elite’ sports in England, such as Premier League football, will continue.

However, gyms have been closed and all grassroots sports are not allowed to keep playing.

You are allowed to visit care homes

While they were closed back in March, the updated government advice says care homes ‘will be encouraged and supported to provide safe visiting opportunities’.

The rules say visits should be tailored to residents ‘and facilities and should prioritise residents and staff's safety’ to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Measures such as social distancing and personal protective equipment (PPE) have been put in place.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are operating different rules, with Wales and Northern Ireland currently in a ‘circuit-break’ lockdown, while Scotland has implemented a new five tier system.

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