Mum hailed ‘hero’ as she fights off crowbar criminals who tried to steal her car with son, 3, inside

23 August 2019, 14:29

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Watch this brave mum fight off three criminals single-handedly while her three-year-old son was still in car.

A mum has been hailed a hero after she bravely fought off three carjackers who attacked her while her three-year-old was still in the car.

The woman was getting out of her Audi when the masked criminals approached her driveway in Birmingham last month.

One of the thugs was carrying a crowbar and reportedly demanded the keys to the vehicle.

CCTV footage captured the men wrestling with the mum - dressed in a long green dress and sandals - while waving their weapons.

The woman then manages to heroically push them away from her car, forcing them to run away from the scene empty-handed.

West Midlands Police released the short video of the hooded criminals in a bid to catch them - and also revealed the woman’s three-year-old son was in the car at the time.

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The horrific incident took place on July 26 at around 6pm on Oakland Road, in the Moseley area of Birmingham.

A Tweet on the Police’s official social media account read: "We are appealing for information following an attempted carjacking in Oakland Road, Moseley around 6pm on Fri 26 July.

"A woman was getting out of her Audi, while her three-year-old son was still in the car, when three men approached her.

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"One of the men was armed with a crowbar and demanded the keys to her car. Fortunately, she managed to fight them off before they fled empty-handed."

It added: "If you recognise them or have any info, we urge you to contact us via Live Chat or call 101 or contact @CrimestoppersUK".

One horrified person replied: “Omg just seen this tweet 😱this is horrific my heart was in my hand 😢🙏🏻. I hope she’s ok & baby well done to her for protecting herself & child”

Another agreed: “What a brave woman, no doubt motherly instinct kicked in..and no one messes with that...#wonderwoman”

While a third added: “Utter Cowardice v Supreme Bravery, hope she is ok.”